Pepe' Le Pew & Friends

You could rent the little coop to your cat friends or maybe a possum or two. :grin: Well you still have the birds to play with as long as the weather doesn’t run them off.

Bahaha. I came home yesterday morning to freezing weather here. It’s supposed to get back up into the 70s, though. I had brought all my plants in for the winter that I had around my bird Bath and hardly any water in it. Have to clean it out and replenish so the birds will come back. I got so accustomed to looking out my kitchen window into the chicken run in the background, and now it feels weird that they’re not there anymore. And I’ll have to find other places to put the Wyze cams now.

I think you have a V3 Pro ? If you have not updated the firmware don’t

Shoot, I think i updated them all last week

Oh, you said pro. Yes, I have one pro. The rest are V-2’s and v three’s and pancam

V3 Pro Firmware update has now been paused. Had problems

Oh k, thanks for that.

Back to regular programming :raccoon: :raccoon:

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Three of the gang passing by.

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The extended family is hitching a ride to your house


Yeah the didn’t show up last night. :flushed:

More than likely the person is a trapper and raccoons can get mighty stinky inside the van. Either that or the van is full of :raccoon: and those on the roof are overflow. :flushed:

I haven’t seen any raccoons lately. Neighbor leaves dog food on her driveway for them.

I put out marshmallows last night but no critters came by to get any, not even the possum. Of course the freeloading black cat with the white socks was out there sitting by the water bowl almost all night.
:rage: :black_cat:

One of them is learning a TikTok dance


These five have no time for that nonsense.


It’s obvious your family doesn’t eat Jenny Craig. My dancing raccoon is in SHAPE.

Wasted 5 marshmallows. The gang was a no show and it is raining on their snacks. :roll_eyes:

Aww. They probably got full on those marshmallows.

They never get full, if they show up the marshmallows are all eaten. I only give them 5 because there are usually 5 :raccoon: in the gang.

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I finally got a note to update the pro a little while ago, but didn’t do it. Do you know if it was fixed yet?