PC integration

Is there ever going to be integration with home pc’s or laptops

Don’t hold your breath. My opinion here. It is very obvious that Wyze operates under the belief that the entire world revolves around using phones and that there is little of no reason to support any real sort of PC integration.

Yes, there is the Web View - which as far as I know is still officially in beta, and has huge limitations.


Whoops, I see this is under locks lol.

If you want officially official native software, perhaps someday?

Just tested as working for the Wyze app on Windows 11 computer:

Your computer must meet the requirements including hardware virtualization enabled in the BIOS as well as having Windows 11.

Install Windows Android subsystem from Microsoft Store (the Amazon Appstore (search for that) installs it with it and is the directly linked way from Microsoft).

Extract the Wyze apk from one of your devices or whatever (can use ADB there too in extracting).

Follow the steps here: https://www.xda-developers.com/how-to-sideload-android-apps-on-windows-11/

I don’t think it says how to get ADB (I’m a mobile app developer so I already have it) but that’s something you’d have to deal with probably.

Once its installed just open the Wyze app from Windows start menu and log in.

There you go. Wyze on the computer using its official app lol. Yes, I tested streaming from the cams as working. I don’t have a lock but it should work all the same.

Don’t ask me questions on this. I won’t respond.