Patio Insect

I have my cams setup outside my apartment. A lot of times they’ll capture bugs flying in range at night, but I can’t see them as they look like flashes of light. On the morning of Friday March 8, a bug checked out the camera that observes my patio. I think it’s a red wasp, but I can’t be sure as I can’t slow it down, and I’m not an entomologist. I even tried creating a slow motion video, but the bug still flies too fast to be seen in a slow motion video.

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Looks like a wasp to me.

For my money, it looks to be what we call a red hornet. Image courtesy of Final Cut Pro X. :wink:

Im not a pro but thanks to way to many years playing games- I have great finger reflexes… still have no idea what bug it is- but he looks sort of friendly waving at you

True he does, but I wouldn’t want to be “friendly” stung by him over and over. :smile: