A flying centipede?

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Usually these are bugs, but since they are moving in front of the IR light, they the camera create trails making them look like a centipede. Seen it a bunch of times on night shots here.


I’ve seen that exact creature. Have no idea what it was but I’m in Michigan so they get around.


Yup, get those every night. Frame rates create some crazy images with fast and highly (IR) light saturated bugs.

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It’s those rods… lol. Jk raym64 was absolutely correct. Prob just a moth

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Get lots if these on my night camera

I don’t think that is correct information I get where you’re coming from but these bugs are real tell me a little bit more about hours is that an illusion trickery by the IR light it is the way the bug looks I have it on side views and it is no way that that is not one creature it goes so fast

Correct. They are really bugs. Real, ordinary bugs such as those that populate every acre of the globe. Ordinary. Unremarkable. You are mistaken. Have you never swung a light or sparkler at night?