What the.......?

At about 3 seconds… Prepare to be afraid!

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I hate to tell you this … but do you remember the movie ALIEN?

I’m pretty sure that what you captured was that creature from the movie that wormed its way inside people, and then popped out of them when it reached maturity.

I’d stay out of your garage … or is that your office?

If it’s your office, you have to tell me the name of your decorator.

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I’m sure this is just a bug but I’ve had several videos of this happening in my bedroom. I wish I hadn’t deleted them. I would have liked to show them to you. And when I turned the lights on to look around for them, there are no bugs to be found. It’s just so weird! But mine were much smaller than yours.

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Moth, miller, some insect. The ‘flashing’ is indicative of the slow “shutter speed” of the video… even though it’s not really shutter speed… just a good way to think of it. The name of it escapes me now… frame rate.

Thanks guys… Some of you need to work on your funny bone. :grin: I’ve seen lots of bugs on my garage cam. Just thought this one was interesting because it looked like a flying centipede. Thanks for the replies.


Well mine doesnt ha e this flicker. It’s a smooth white swoosh all the time.

a little better view for your


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My photos have no comparison. I will upload one soon

I’ve never seen anything like that fly before. Thanks for the still shot. :grin:

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It’s just moving much faster than the one’s that seem to
flicker. Moving across the field of view instead of “into or away
from it”… Keep watching, you’ll catch it eventually and be
able to tell what it is.

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They are called “Air Rods” or “Flying Rods” and sometimes even “Sky Fish”. Typically they are invisible to the naked eye because they move so fast, but they are picked up on cameras all around the world. Estimated speeds have been anywhere from 300 to 500 feet per second which is why they show up in recordings as a ‘blip’ but when slowed down you can see them better.

Of course there’s lots of deniers out there that say they are just moths or such and it’s because of the camera’s slow frame rate, but nobody has yet been able to film a moth or such and have it come out looking like that… Moth’s fly at around 10-12 mph (or 17.6 feet per second - nowhere NEAR 300-500)


Wow! That’s very cool! Thanks for the info, and the video.

Or it’s just artifacts caused by the way an insect with the standard set of wings (2 or 4) flies fast past a rolling shutter, but hey, you do you.


I’ll go with the flying rods makes more sense

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DeanSmith - Just a couple of problems with that hypothesis:

The SPEED at which the object moves in the video(s) - much faster than not just the SHUTTER speed, but faster than our eyes can follow as well which is why people don’t notice them until AFTER viewing their videos and often don’t even notice them until it’s slowed down (like for editing).

Nobody has been able to duplicate the same by filming moths and insects. Many have tried and some come close like this one:

However, as you will see in that video, it doesn’t show the ‘wings’ being a seperate part of the body of the thing moving - even though it was actually filmed in High Definition AND in high speed (ie: in slow motion). Yet it just looks like a ‘tube’ that grows/shrinks in length as it flies (attrubited to it flying faster/slower) as opposed to the others that appear to be a constant speed that is well over even the speed of the fastest insect (a male horsefly - 90 MPH or 132 Feet Per Second (not to be confused with FPS meaning Frames per second as in a camera).

So, in the original video I posted of the Arab gentleman, the ‘rod’ flies by (behind) the gentleman at a speed of over 200 MPH. As a reference, a bullet from a 9mm gun travels around 1500 fp/s (682 MPH). Now, of course you can see a car driving 200 MPH right? Well, yes, but if it was only 4 inches long and you were looking through a camera that was in a fixed position, you would likely miss it going by unless you were SPECIFICALLY looking/waiting for it.

Lastly, keep in mind that MOST insects DO NOT travel in a straight line for more than a foot of two, yet many of these ‘rods’ show them going straight for much longer distances, many upwards of 10 feet or more.

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I’m specifically not looking for it, but hey, you do you.

But do it over there, please.

I didn’t see it above, but here is the WIKI about the phenomenon:
Flying Rods


I like this much better than the proposed ideas. :smiley:

Thank you so much for posting this. I thought I was going nuts. I had the same things in my bedroom and they were so much faster and smaller. I would turn the lights on to look around for bugs but I couldn’t find any. I deleted those videos as well and regret that I did. I cant find them flying around anymore. I thought they were ghosts or fairies… lol I could find any bugs so I thought of the next. I’ll post if they come back.