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Lol! Yikes …

I have to admit, you do have weird bugs wherever you are.

And it is creepy.

Reminds me of the Bug Man from MIB

I’ve got one just like that…only CREEPIER!!! What the heck is that thing? And why our windows!? Eeek.

If it was flying from left to right, it is probably a dragonfly. Remember that when IR is active, these are “long exposures” of about 1/10 of a second. so what appears like 4 sets of wings, is probably really only one.

But they do look creepy in the recorded videos.

Hmmm…".interesting idea. I was thinking more like Praying Mantis. Dragonflies in the city, not near any pond or lakes seem improbable, but that’s just my opinion. Thanks for the input!!

Additional creepy…

O…M…G!!! Yea…that is about as creepy as it gets, more or less. I’m one of those ‘No Spiders’…no no no. Heck…I saturate the parameter of my dwelling a couple times each spring/summer to minimize the little beasties. I’m in the NorthEast…Ct., and although our insects are not as large as other areas of the country, I just can’t handle spiders. And your ‘puppy’…geeez… you take that on a jog with you? Have it haul the trash out each night? Hahaha…eeeek.

It seems my creepy friend came out to play… I’ve got to shut off that light… I’ll bet we get a clearer view… I dunno. Check this out. I also tried to screen shot the flight…very hard to do.