Footage of flying centipede

I’ve been noticing this weird creature flying around my office for about maybe two weeks now my daughter finally just started believing name showed footage and video to friends at work and people all around just don’t know what it is I don’t think it’s a caterpillar I don’t think it’s a moth whatever it is is faster than I’ve ever seen a bug mold no one has any real information on it that is for sure it has never really been seen in a day of light these are all the things I know about this one particular creature but what I do know it is unknown very mysterious and downright disrespectful how it just Zips through and Bailey gets caught on cam whatever it is it moves faster than a technology that the camera has built-in it that’s what makes it more interesting I do help other people out there have more information on it to please help me and educate me I’m almost ready not to go in my office anymore

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@overthetop2015 Welcome to the Wyze community! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you will do a search using the magnifying glass, you will find countless videos on bugs, orbs, and strange lights captured on the Wyze cams. There are many threads discussing this topic here on the forums.

When I first saw these small insects flying across my cams at night with IR lights turned, I was going crazy thinking I was getting some kind of supernatural visitation. But no, it is very small insects flying by. See one explanation posted by Loki here.

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I respectfully disagree. I think Elon Musk is behind this and these are a component of the Starlink broadband system.


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Don’t forget the Bat Signal!


Great, it just came by my house too. This is how that stealth zombie Netflix movie with Sandra Bullock started.

Pardon me, sir. I am going to make you own this:

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Thanks, but these birds are going nuts, I gotta go.

Mine are unruly, too!

I have similar problem. I set cam to record only persons, not movement, I thought. I still get flying dust mites or whatever it is. Do you know how to check settings or how to cut off motion sensor forever?

You cant set the cam to only record people because it records on motion, the video is then sent to the cloud where it is analyzed for people being in it and then you are notified with the appropriate tag on the video.

Thank you for the information.

Thhey are called Flying Rods or Skyfish. They are an phenomenon. I captured over 20 videos of these mysterious creatures. They seem to have left as fast as they came. Very interesting thing to witness. No one has ever caught one dead or alive. Dont spend much time on their existence researching the. m can take up alot of your time. May I ask? do you have isses with spirits or ghosts.?

Not at all.

It was just an observation on my part. It seems they go hand in hand.

Centipede’s DONT fly…


Hummmm… I’ve never seen a Wyze cam ZOOM… interestng… I also find it hard to believe an adult hasnt seen a flock of birds swarm or heard of migration… Why is this posted here???

I dont know who is answering who here. If the commentator of " I didn’t know wyze can zoom. Well it’s called screenshot then enlarge." Fyi…

Since my neighbor moved out from my attached unit I’ve had the same thing happen. Shape comes from or goes back to the wall that we shared right where my TV is set. I wish I could load my footage.

Welcome to the community, you should now be able to upload your footage