Bug? Aliens? What is happening?!

I’ve watched the lightning bugs on the camera when they’re active and they’re slow moving. I realize it’s closer, but this just looks bizarre! And then you see it fly (what looks like) to the clouds, behind the tree on the left and then disappears. This is no normal firefly lol. What do you think??

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It does seem to move faster than fireflies usually do. They usually stick to around 2-3MPH…at least during mating rituals, and fireflies often do quick flashes, and that guy was a lot more continuous instead.

There are glowing yellow “click beetles” that would explain the continuous yellow light and faster movement like that. They technically have 2 glow spots too, which may account for why it seems equally bright in the front and rear, with the fast movement blurring it in the frames.

I hear that some longhorn beetles can also produce light from their abdominal segments that are yellow in color.

Definitely some kind of bug either way.

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