Panda sticker in Sense package

Just received my 1st Sense in the mail. What is that panda sticker for - me or my kids?

Now that I looked closer, it looks like a raccoon with leopard patterns, not panda.

pictures needed

Should I peel it anyway to see if there is a hidden message from the factory like asking for help?

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They are sticker covers for the face of the contact sensors. I guess you can choose cow/leopard spots, or a panda head.

I marked in red the parts that show up on the exposed faces of the contact sensor main unit and the contact sensor magnet.


@azredder Tks! Let’s now call it livery.

I suppose most of the window frames are white or lighter color, mines are. If I attach the contact sensor to the window frame, I might forget it’s there next day. With the livery affixed, then every time when I walk by the window, some thing just screens at me “I am here, look at me”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ok, fine, a panda and raccoon. Then why not a giraffe or flower? Why not spend the livery cost for a security sticker that was discussed before? Sorry if I opened a can of worms… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

:smile: Never would have found those if not for this post.

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Glad I saved the box they came in. I was so amazed at the size and couldn’t wait to get started with them, that I didn’t even look inside the box!

Anyone care to post pics of their sensors with the stickers? I don’t see how they go on.

Glad I found this post. Im sure I would have eventually figured it out but putting it right inside my screen door, I’m not so sure I want unwanted visitors knowing I have a sensor there with a sticker on it. But I did put one on the second one. Although I had no idea we got 2 sensors in each box. We ordered 2!! Very cute though :blush:


Check the 2nd post on here. I lined mine up on the first edge and then folded around edges. Fits nicely.

@loveslave46176 Thank you for demonstrating yours! For myself, if I am to affix the livery, I may do the one for the garage door so it doesn’t really scream at me. Speaking of that, I have been thinking of a way to cleverly attach the contact sensor to the garage door with foolproof alignment and wouldn’t get yanked out from the moving part.

This seems like a huge waste of money and would rather Wyze lowered the price, than include useless stickers. Sure the Panda head is kind of funny but the black and white stickers are supposed to be what…like camouflage or something?

Like my cameras, I don’t want my sensors noticed, so they can be stolen or destroyed.

They didn’t need to use all that sticky paper. Just a simple one-surface decal slightly smaller than the surface area would have been sufficient. Wrapping white sticker around a white object is a bit redundant.

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I got 2 sense starter kits and no stickers in either box.

You might have gotten one of the new and improved kits.
Fewer parts, Same performance, Less chance for malfunction.

In my area, a sticker that makes the sensor look like a Black Widow spider would help in the camouflage effort. We don’t have many tiny Pandas So Cal.