Painting Sense Sensors

I would like to install one of these sensors to my screen door.

The screen door aluminum is black and I’d like to spray paint the sensors the same color so they don’t stick out… Basically white sensors on black frame. Would there be any problem with the sensor function if I paint them a different color? I’m sure warranty would be thrown out if painted, put fingers crossed!

Thank you

Hey Gjgrosser,

While they may void warranty, ensure the paint is not any magnetic type of paint or anything like that. Since the contact sensor works with the other side with a magnetic, any near metal/magnetic interference can mess with the contact sensor. Careful not to spray paint into the electronics.

If it’s a motion sensor, spray painting the black part will make it unusable.



I used a black rattle can plastidip for my v2. Turned out a nice textured matte finish. And can easily be peeled off if I don’t want it anymore. I was thinking of doing this to my sensors too.


I’ve used plastidip in the past; it’s good stuff. If I do paint them that’s what I’m going to use.

I’ll check it and see what it looks like without painting first. Thanks for the info.

I am testing how the contact sensors looked Plasti dipped. Should be ready soon, putting a few coats on one now.

Edit: it’ll have to wait, I rushed it and didn’t get some good coats so I’ll try again tomorrow or something. Just peel it off and start again!

Thanks for the info. Looking forward to seeing the outcome!

So I went all Glamour shots on these things, but here is the outcome. Plastidipped a contact sensor black. The foam tape underneath looks kinda icky but I have black 3m foam tape that I will cut to make it look completely blacked out. Used tooth pick ends to help keep the reset button and the light hole open. They didn’t come out as clean as I wanted but it was a valiant effort. For those wondering the 4 dots are how I could tell my sensors apart when I was setting them up (4th sensor of 6). Just wished I would of paid more attention to the black sensor to get it’s number, but I think I can figure it out by looking at the others to see what number I am missing. Lol


They look good. Any issues with how they work?

I also used Plasti Dip spray paint, but I took a slightly different tact on masking.

On the Motion Sensor, I used the small circle above the V2 camera lens as a template to cut out two small circles to use to mask the holes for the reset switch and the light. I then masked the lens and the entire backside, including the tab you use to pop off the back to replace the battery. Because they have you use the Wyze logo to physically align the sensor, I also masked over that. I don’t intend to ever uncover that; the masking will tell me where it was.

You can actually leave the two small circle masks on after you are done too. Many people have said they’d like a way to turn the light off, and even if you haven’t activated the sensor yet you can punch through the masking tape with the activation tool. However, if you keep the light covered, you won’t have it to look at when you activate. Fortunately the speaker on the camera should be enough to guide you.

You can pull the masks off anytime on anything you leave covered, that’s one of the advantages of using Plasti Dip. I decided to leave the light and switch covered on mine, and on the motion sensor I hadn’t activated yet I simply punched through the masking tape with the tool.

On the Contact Sensors I again used the small circle above the V2 camera lens as a template to cut out two small circles to use to mask those holes. I again masked the entire backside, including the tab you use to pop off the back to replace the battery.

Here is how they looked at the end:


No issues with mine. The dome on the motion sensors is unpainted, and the contact sensors are surprisingly effective in that they really don’t have to be all that close together to work (like 1/2" or so).

Also spraypainted them mat black today.

I like the results.
Connectivity remains the same.