PanCam journey

My first purchase of Wyze products was May 11 2018 , which was four(4)x CamV2
My second purchase was July 31 2018, which was three(3)x PanCam
Since I own & use a total of
six(6)x PanCam
seven(7)x CamV2
four(4)x bulbs
four(4)x plugs
two(2)x locks
So, I’m almost a fanboy…
I wanted to purchase more PanCams but needed to solve an issue before pouring more money into that model.
Out of all the Wyze products I own PanCams are the only one which don’t work properly : AKA, motion-tracking and motion-tagging never-ever-ever worked for me.
My question is , has anyone ever had a working motion-tracking and motion-tagging out of the PanCams?
If so, what’s your recipe? Please I really want to know what is the secret formula.
Before I get the same-old same-old answers, consider this:

  • I went through 18 months of back-and-forth with Support,
  • and I also got replacements for the PanCams ,
  • scrapped the whole setup, and uninstalled the app couple of times,
  • tried firmware downgrades many many times even the xxx.40 trick,
  • also tried everything suggested to me from Support
    and still no go…
    So… anyone?

I also would like to know the answer to this question.