PAN v2 Anyone using larger than 32 GB SD cards? How does it work with Motion Detection Event Recording?

I have several fixed V3. While Wyze suggests 32 GB cards, many users and myself are using 128 GB without issue. Is the Pan v2 like this? Company is being conservative, but users are successful using ExFat partitions. Or is the logic the same as the PanV1 and fixes V2 which truly only work with FAT32.

Also, I an using Event recording for motion on my stationary CAM v3s. With panning, is this possible on a Pan v2? ( I also used several Pan V1 of the Chinese version before I heard about Wyze making an American version, but don’t remember using Event recording or can’t read Mandarin)

I use 64GB cards in all 30 of my operational Wyze cameras (17 V2, 2 Pan, 11 V3). All but two of the V2s and both Pans have RTSP firmware (and the V3s will get RTSP tonight). They work just fine. with the larger cards. Note that I have all of my cameras set for continuous recording to the uSD cards.

Thanks for reminding me. I just checked my static v2 and have been using a 64 GB formatted in FAT 32.