Camera rotated so much that it snapped the wires inside.

There needs to be a physical stop to prevent this.

**NOTE… I’ve been told that opening the camera voids the warranty… so I sacrificed my camera to bring you all this news. Wyze will not replace my camera.

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@grayson.dove Welcome to the Wyze community!

Sorry to hear about your Cam Pan. How old is your Cam Pan?

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If the cam is still in your app could you let me know the activation date (found under device info) or about how long you have had that cam?

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The cam was a Christmas gift in 2018 but was only occasionally plugged in until this summer when I started using it to patrol my back yard.

It was great until we took several quick successive power hits from (then) Tropical Storm Zeta. Lost a v2 and the PanCam. V2 came back after a reset. PanCam didn’t… power completely shot. Troubleshot with support, they assumed something was fried and told me that it wasn’t under warranty any longer. I decided to crack into it at that point… nothing to lose.

I feel like this should be replaced, not as a warranty issue, but almost as a recall. It’s an obvious design flaw which should be replaced by a slip ring.

I’ve already preordered a few v3 cams, but I’ll miss my pan for the back yard.


Thanks for the info. Don’t want to duplicate threads!! :slight_smile:


Oh, shoot. I’m sorry I didn’t see this until now.

Newer Wizards won’t be familiar with this because we adjusted the hardware to make the stopper more robust not long after we started selling Wyze Cam Pan. Most units won’t run into this issue. If someone rotated the camera base manually (such as when trying to get to the power port), it was easier to break past the stopper without realizing this and that could lead to the camera being able to spin 360 and twist the wires. We’re sorry that you had one of the affected units!

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