Pan can 3 not recording motion events

My cams are pan v3 and none are recording as they should. Motion events are empty and this is a 24 hour period. All are serviced with plus and it’s been a problem before but I can’t remember how it was resolved. Please advise

  • cache is recently cleared and settings are set to record all motion and sound events people pets vehicles

I had the same issue. I finally had to record an event manually. Just press record. I hope this works for you.

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There are multiple settings issues that may be causing this to happen. Please confirm the following settings:

  • In the Event Recording settings for the cam, please confirm that Record Motion Events and All Motion Events is toggled on.

  • In the Events list, pull the bar with the Quick Filter badges all the way to the left and confirm that the “Motion” Quick Filter button is Green. Alternatively, you can select the Funnel Icon, scroll to the bottom, and confirm that “Triggered by Motion” is selected. If you select clear all at the top, it will remove all filters so that all events show regardless of the type.

Yes those are o. The all motion and others you have shown here. I think somehow I’m still missing something It’s frustrating because I have an ongoing trespass issue. Please call if you can

I am a Wyze user just like you. I do not work for Wyze. The Forum is a user to user community where we post, discuss, and share so that everyone gets what they can out of their cams. I volunteer here in the community to try and help others get the most out of their cams. There is no personal contact. Our only communication is thru posts here in the forum.

My next step would be to clear all the filters in the Events Filter list by clicking clear all, set motion sensitivity to max, turn off all Detection Zones, make sure the cams aren’t in Privacy Mode and power cycle all cams. Then test.

Well that’s helpful but it sort of stinks too lol
I don’t know what to do when I’m having a problem with the cameras is, clear albums, and Cache
Whatever uses up any brain on my phone or in the wise app, I can get rid of that and then I go ahead and I do a power cycle up again then I check to make sure that my all motion in our recording promotions is on and I don’t typically use a smart one because the people I’m trying to get on film aren’t typically looking Like a full person or even eyes or face so I’m afraid that it would br missed therefore I set them to do all motion always… no to the zones and because I feel like the cameras are being manipulated I don’t let them track or trace the motion I want them cams to stay where I put them until I move it. I have motion detect set high but still not getting videos. I’ve had to unplug since yesterday and I’m gonna try the whole process again you have my number if you’d like to call me maybe we can figure this out because I seriously think somebody’s messing with my cameras and I don’t know what you’re using to manipulate them.

A lot to unpack here…

I do not have your number. When you respond by email, your response is posted to the thread on the Forum where anyone can see it. The Forum is public. Therefore, personal information such as your contact info is not allowed. If you do add it, it will be removed. Likewise, it is strongly recommended that you do not share personal information on the forum.

If you do need to contact someone, my suggestion is to call Customer Support at (206) 339-9646 or 1 (581) 500-1166 (Canada)

For your Pan V3, I doubt someone is manipulating your cam unless they are walking up to it and physically doing it. They would need your account email username and password as well as be able to authenticate the Two Factor Authentication. You do have Two Factor Authentication turned on right?

I have Pan V3 Cam’s that I essentially use as stationary security cams as well. Here are the settings I recommend:

In the Live Stream toolbar. Privacy Mode Off, Track Motion Off, Pan Scan Off.

Detection Settings: Sensitivity 75, Detection Zone Off, Motion Tagging On.

Event Recording Settings: Record Motion Events On, All Motion Events selected. If the cam is subscribed to Cam+, you can also select “Person” under Smart Detections.

Notification Settings: Notification On, All Other Motion selected (and Person if subscribed to Cam+)

Advanced Settings: Make sure the cam has an SD Card in it. Turn the Record to SD setting On. Select Continuous. This way, regardless of what is uploaded to the Events page, you always have a 24\7 video for as long as the card capacity will hold. I get 21-28 days on a 256GB.

In the App Home Device list, in the lower left, beside Home, click Events. Then click the funnel icon in the top right. Click Clear All, then click Show Results. Click one of the day numbers at the top for the last 14 days to see if there is anything in the list.

In the App Home Device List, make sure the bell symbol in the top right doesn’t have a line thru it or a clock on it.

In the Account tab, make sure there are no Rules that would affect the Event Recording or On\Off status of the cam.

Test the cams by moving around in front of the cam and monitor if you receive a notification. If you do, click on it. What does it show you? If you go to the Events tab, are there Event Uploads listed?