PAN Camera Event Notification and SD recording not working

I have gone through a dozen threads in the forum but still decided to create a new topic as I am facing both the issues. I got hold of Pan camera from friend and wanted to test it for a week before making purchase decision. I am planning to buy 1 Pan and 3 V2s. But my experience has not been smooth. I am testing this on Galaxy S9+ Android 9.0.

I setup Pan camera, it updated firmware and I was able to live stream on my phone. Toggled around settings, changed motion detection settings to high, detection zones to off/whole frame. Enabled event recording, schedule time on/off. Enabled notification, even the smoke alarms. Toggled local storage to continuous/event based. Played around with motion tracking (it tracks moving object cool). Set pan scan settings to desired location. What I mean to say is - I checked/toggled every setting there is for the cam.

  1. but there are no event notifications, and no clips recorded in the Events tab.
  2. nothing is getting recorded in memory card (yes toggled settings, formatted though app. Saw somewhere in the forum telling to format memory card using external tool, but I didn’t feel necessary as I test formatted card with few different cluster sizes in FAT32).

Then I found a thread which said downgrade firmware. So I downgraded from to Wow #2 problem solved. It started recording clips to memory card. #1 didn’t work yet.

Then I further downgraded to firmware But #1 still didn’t work. What I noticed though is - option to live stream in 360p is gone and lowest settable is SD. Camera movement is better. Not like you click and camera moves either too far to too low. Just more precise. Third live stream connects way faster than latest firmware.

WYZE, we need an explanation to why there is issue in notification and recording? And why older firmware is faster?

wow. you seem to have covered it all. well done. one thing you left out was the notification settings themselves. did you enable push notifications in the app?

and secondly, on your phone under security, does the Wyze app have all the necessarily permissions?

I know these seem like simple things and you do appear to know how to navigate, but for some reason things are often overlooked in the app.

Hi Bam. Yes I did enable notification for both motion and sound in the app. And in android, made sure app notifications are “Allowed”, and app permission given for Location, Microphone and Storage. Ticked off are Camera, Contacts and Phone which I guess are not necessary.

hmmm. :thinking: when you go into the live view, do you have a button at the button that says view playback?

Yes there is. With latest FW it used to go to playback window, able to scroll back and forth in timeline, there are no marking or video.

With FW, sometimes it said there is no memory card when that button is clicked. But restarting app solved it. Able to view recordings (there are markings in the timeline too). Test recorded manually and clips got saved to local storage viewable in phone gallery.

With FW, never got memory card missing popup. Panning through recorded timeline was way smoother.

what kind of SD card is it by chance?

this is very odd behavior, and I must admit, I don’t have a pan cam, and I’m a Beta tester, so whats is in the production release FW for a cam I don’t have makes it a bit harder to diagnose lol but I’ll still try.

the fact you had the playback button shows that it was recognized, but it wasn’t recording is weird. I think it must be somewhere in the settings that we are overlooking.

its an odd request, but could you post screen shots of your current record settings? maybe there is something there we are missing, and sadly I’m at work, so I cant look at the app to try and remember every option I might be overlooking.

I upgraded firmware to the latest available and captured video. Note following things -

  1. Formatted SD card from inside app.
  2. Video is not streaming in View Playback window but I was able to take photo from it.
  3. I was able to hit video record from recorded video but file didn’t get created (confirmed using ES File Explorer)
  4. Plugged SD card and checked contents. Except for screenshot, there are no video files.

(2 MB file, I will be removing this video later) → removed

Another bug:
If you are in timezone that is not in 1 hrs difference, then timestamp display is incorrect.

Mem card: Transcend 32GB Ultimate 600x (original came along with dashcam Transcend DP520)

Have you set it up to record events when the SD card is NOT in the camera?

Yes I have tried that too. I will give final test tomorrow with a different SD card and different phone.

Do I interpret this to mean that you are not in North America? Wyze cams are not officially sold or supported outside North America. This could be the problem you are having with no cloud events being recorded.

Hi yes I am not in North America. The one I am testing is either purchased in Singapore or Canada, I have to confirm with my friend. And if I buy, I am planning to buy from USA to be delivered to me in Asia.

Okay I get it. I will check if I can setup test VPN to America and see if recordings/notifications work.

Last night there was new FW and I updated it. Plugged in new SD card - 32GB Sandisk. Removed device from Galaxy S9+. Reset the camera (may not be hard reset, I pressed setup button in camera only for few seconds until there was voice prompt). Added device in iPhone 8. Nothing changed - no notifications, no event recordings, nothing recorded in SD card.

I was searching for the same problem and this popped up. One thing I noticed - If I turn Motion Tracking off the camera does a much better job of detecting motion. It seems to detect it all the time, where when Motion Tracking is on, I would get maybe 25% of the motions detected. These were unscientific tests of me walking within the Detection Zones.

A less scientific test was using moths at night, but it’s actually pretty informational. And I make bugs do all the work :-). We have two fixed cameras and two pan cameras. We noticed that the fixed cameras were capturing lots of events all night due to moths, but the pan cameras hardly ever caught a moth. After turning Motion Tracking off, the pan cameras seem to capture equivalent numbers of events.

FWIW, I noticed several weeks ago that both my Pan Cams stopped recording motion events. My 3 V2 cams still recorded them.

Just to test them, I bumped the detection setting from 50%, where it had been working fine, to 75% and events were recorded once again.

I emailed tech support about it but they just brushed me off.

Hi Loki, you are right. I used Connectify desktop app to create a VPN and Hotspot to connect cam to a US IP. Notification worked, notification clips got recorded in the WYZE server and SD card recording worked as well.

I dropped my plan of purchasing WYZE cams. Saved me tonz of shipment money which actually would have been more than the cost of camera itself : )

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Oops!! My fault. I was under heavily restricted wifi connection. I got to test both the cameras in normal unrestricted wifi at home, the v2 and Pan work as advertised outside North America i.e., Asia.

The only bug I encountered is in time overlay when the selected timezone is not in 1 hours difference.
Pan fw -
V2 fw -

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