Does Pan Scan Disable Event Triggering?

I just added the Wyze Pan. It’s panning like a pro, but I’ve noticed that no events are being triggered. I have two other Wyze cams that aren’t Pans, and they trigger events normally. Is this an either/or scenario with the Pan? If I turn off Pan Scan, I suspect that it will only trigger events in that windowed area; so i was hoping to turn on Pan Scan so that it could detect motion in a much wider area and then trigger events normally.

Reading around, and it seems that this might be a universal issue with the PAN right now; No notifications

What makes you think it is just the PAN?

Good question. i have three Wyze cams, but only one is the Pan. The other two trigger motion-based event notifications without issue. The Pan tracks and everything as to be expected, but it doesn’t create any Events from these triggered moments.

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How do you know this? I had two events motion tagged in my continuous recording last night within a one hour window (that’s all I could sit through) and they were not in my Events list. If I had record-only selected, would they have been recorded?

I’m unclear what you’re asking. I know this because I own three Wyze cams, two standard and one Pan. So I know what my cams are doing, and when they’re doing it. But if you’re asking what I know about your cams, I don’t know anything about what your cams are doing, or which ones are doing it. I’m only stating for the benefit of the group that if this is the same issue, it’s only impacting my Pan.

I’m receiving Event notifications and they’re being created for my two non-Pan cams, and have been all day through this moment, without interruption. But nothing from the Pan this entire day since I installed it.

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Good enough. I think what I’m seeing is probably not related to this issue. Probably not. We’ll see.

I ended up in this thread looking for answers also. I just activated a Pan cam but not seeing any Event entries. I thought I might be missing something in the settings.

Same issue with Pan camera. In addition to events not getting triggered, it was not recording anything to memory card. I downgraded FW from to Doing so recording to memory card started working. Event notification or event recording to WYZE server still didn’t work. Further downgraded to FW Event notification still didn’t work. But now cam connection from app is super fast and pan motion is lot better : )

You don’t need to downgrade, as everything’s working perfectly now at last check. I would upgrade your app AND firmware, and then we can discuss which settings you may need to adjust to get it working like all of our cameras. It’s unlikely that your camera is defective, but if it is, you’ll want to upgrade not downgrade before your warranty replacement period expires.

I am having the same issue with 1 of my 2 PANs. I have restarted, deleted, re-added and unplugged a few times with no luck. Has anyone else had this issue and found a fix for it?

Have latest App and firmware… Pan Scan will not record motion triggered video, and will not notify… i was walking in front of the camera like an idiot… neighbors wondering what the hell i was doing.

continuous recording works, but no notifications.

Any updates on this?