Pan Camera Developed "Droop"

I’ve had an issue arise with my Pan Camera, which showed up after I updated to the latest firmware the other day (though it may not be directly related).

The camera has sat in the same spot for a while. When I updated, I find the image has “drooped” - it is pointed all the way down as opposed to straight ahead. I can use the controls in the app to pan the camera up, but it will not stay that way. All motion seems to be working just fine, it’s just pointed a lot more at the floor.

I can try to wedge something under the camera to try and raise it up so it’s view range is higher, but I wonder if there is anything mechanical/software I can do. I’ve reset the camera a couple of times. The real problem is that it cuts out heads of people when it records now.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

For some reason the latest update changes the tilt setting of the users “home” to all the way down. No need to prop the camera up, just add a single waypoint under pan scan settings to where you want your “home” to be.

Edit/ when the update came out, I manually flashed my firmware back a version, randomly changed my “home” position and other settings, then upgraded via the camera app and each time the camera restarted and returned to the “pan” location, but each time the “tilt” was changed to the ground. The latest firmware at this point musy have a partial new settings file that overwrites what the user has set.


Hello, thank you for reporting this issue. I would like to learn more about this issue and see if there is anything I can do with it. First of all, do you have any detection zone set? If so, can you turn it off? Also, can you turn off motion tracking and motion tagging, please? I am wondering if the cam still does it after you have none of those set.


@Omgitstony is correct.

I experienced the same issue with my Cam Pan. I manually adjusted the camera lens to point straight ahead and then hit set. It actually took a couple tries to get the lens to stay put. I only set one waypoint (home position) and this corrected the lens drooping.

Other users have successfully used this method to fix the “droop“.


You could try to get the development team to actually test their changes before releasing software/firmware.

I’m, once again, so glad I made the decision to not allow any firmware changes.

Thank you for a quick response. Taking a cue from your questions, I went in and looked at the Detection Zone (I honestly don’t remember setting one since the camera is less for detection and more for recording traffic when a sensor is opened). I found that there was a detection zone set, and it was low, so I panned the camera up, reset the zone for this new angle and saved. It seemed to fix the issue, and I restarted the camera to make sure and it seems to be workign as expected now. Thank you for the suggestions. I’m not sure if the zones reset with the firmware update or not, but it seems to be working.

Got you. Yeah, if you have detection zone set up, the pan will always go to that position. However, if you happen to see that the pan keeps looking down without a detection zone, please do let me know. We may find some mythical bug together:)

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