Pan Cam seemingly bricked and unresponsive with solid yellow light

I updated to the recent firmwares via the also recently updated beta app within the last few days. My Pan Cam is at and it also updated my Bridge attached to said cam to It was running “normal” in that normal for me for a bit has been Motion alerts are captured as only Sound alerts but then it’ll shake loose on it’s own and track Motion as Motion, sound as sound but that’s another issue.

This morning I wake up and come out to get my work day started and noticed the camera’s light is solid yellow. I do the usual unplug power, wait and plug back in when that happens and did that this time. Waited 2-3 mins plugged back in, back to solid yellow light. Unplugged waited 5-10 mins plugged back in STILL solid yellow light.

Submit logs through the app (ticket #28086), sent feedback through the beta app, then try to factory reset, pressed the setup for 10-20 seconds nothing. Had to jump on a work meeting then just now after that tried to press and old the Setup button for 30+ seconds and still unresponsive and yellow steady light.

What do I do now? I have no cam, no bridge and thus no motion sensor/door sensors. Is there another thing I can try to get this to just reset and start working again?

Adding another troubleshooting step tried to no avail.

Just downloaded the recent firmware listed on the firmware page (March 18, 2020), renamed to demo.bin, placed it on a freshly reformatted SD card (was the same one used by reformatted just now). Tried to manually flash the device by holding setup and powering it up;


Can @WyzeShawn @wyz @JonathanF @WyzeGwendolyn @NumberOne support folks take a look at this and get this fixed or figure out a replacement?

Chatted with Jermaine in support just now he had me try the (November 15th, 2019) firmware manual flash steps and that failed.

He’s processed a replacement device for me

Same issue here! All of my cams updated successfully except for one, seems bricked to me… no fun! My main camera too! I had cam plus working on it for a bit, not sure if that has something to do with it.

If you run into this unresponsiveness on the beta, the steps @shuman74 went through are going to have the best chance of restoring the device.

You can try following these steps to troubleshoot before contacting the support team:

  1. IF power cycle doesn’t restore control (get past the Solid Yellow Light):
  2. Confirm your app version is up to date
  3. Attempt flashing the firmware to a previous firmware (listed here)
  4. IF firmware flash doesn’t restore the device, contact support and let them know you’ve walked through these steps and the results you encountered.