Pairing iPhone 11 with WYZE Watch 47

I can’t pair my WYZE Watch 47 with my iPhone 11. I didn’t see the watch when I selected Add Device. I did pair the watch using my iPad and I can see it when I open the WYZE app on my iPad but not on my iPhone 11. Any suggestions? Bluetooth is turned on on my phone and within the WYZE app on my phone.

I believe the watch can only be added to one device. During setup, you have to scan the QR code from the watch.

In the app of the device currently paired tot he watch:
• Tap “Home”
• Tap the editing pen icon
• Tap “Edit Devices”, then select and confirm removal of watch
• Prompt should appear for navigation to settings, do so then tap “• • •” menu icon
• Select “Remove Device” & confirm
• Watch will reboot automatically and display new paring prompts, as when initially powered on and charged/used