Painting the new Wyze Cam Outdoor

what’s Available @ Amazon

1.25" holy cow that would be one stout mount sir!!


Maybe one could modify an old suction cup mount used for GPS units, they have indexed joints sometimes

The 1.25" is about 1/16" wider on each side of the motion sensor. The 1.25" strip is only 1/8" thick. It is easily strong enough to support the sensor, but nothing you could hang from.
Victor Maletic

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I would be interested in this Why?

Dunno! I just saw your question, and had never heard of Sugru before, and looked it up and thought it was an interesting plastic molding type product and passed the link along in case anyone reading the thread was interested…

It was me that molded the plastic. I wanted to show a simple motion sensor support moulded from a strip of PVC.

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Mine get pretty hot to the touch when running the SD card for 24/7 coverage

Those vinyl sheets are a great idea. I’m trying to find something so the cam doesn’t stand out in a tree so much. I had a Blink cam with a special brownish plastic/silicone cover there and it blended in great, but will need something for the new Wyze.

try amazon they have a lot of skins for wyze

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Looks like you spilt some on the wall, though. :wink:

Hello mcstylin7.
Check this place out.

Custom Printed Vinyl Sheets - Available in Adhesive or Heat …

](Custom Printed Vinyl Sheets - Available in Adhesive or Heat Transfer ( – Smashing Ink Vinyl)

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camo vinyl wrap and some time with an exacto knife works pretty well.


What about camouflage on the hat?

I’d suggest using an acrylic paint marker over sharpies/alcohol based markers. I did mine with a sharpie first and it looked awful. I used a paint marker and there weren’t any lines, it still looks great

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I would like to see a picture of it.

Proof’s in da puddin…

Wait, where’s the camera? All I see are some rubber bands.

I painted mine using regular latex paint. Sanded first then painted no issues. Obviously I didnt paint near camera , mic, or any ports. Came out great and didnt care.