Painting the new Wyze Cam Outdoor

I did that search & did not find anything on molding plastic

I ordered some camo tape off amazon but while waiting for that to show up, I just scarped off some tree skin and rubber banded it. Hope it less noticeable mounting on a tree.


Hello elcaminoguy
The screen clip shows what I did.

Selecting the second topic down, “The second topic down New Motion Sensor and magnetic mounting” took me directly to the stuff I wanted to you to see.
Good luck.

Cute… I wonder if you can do anything about the big black circle that covers the camera, PIR and something else

I’m getting Band of Brothers flashbacks… :grinning:

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This should work.

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New Motion sensor and magnetic mounting - #15 by victormaletic.
This is the post I meant to send you.

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this wasnt Me that posted this

still didnt come up & My screen when I put that in dont look like yours

My nephew showed me how to do this link.

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Available @ Amazon

You’re welcome …

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what’s Available @ Amazon

1.25" holy cow that would be one stout mount sir!!


Maybe one could modify an old suction cup mount used for GPS units, they have indexed joints sometimes

The 1.25" is about 1/16" wider on each side of the motion sensor. The 1.25" strip is only 1/8" thick. It is easily strong enough to support the sensor, but nothing you could hang from.
Victor Maletic

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I would be interested in this Why?

Dunno! I just saw your question, and had never heard of Sugru before, and looked it up and thought it was an interesting plastic molding type product and passed the link along in case anyone reading the thread was interested…

It was me that molded the plastic. I wanted to show a simple motion sensor support moulded from a strip of PVC.

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Mine get pretty hot to the touch when running the SD card for 24/7 coverage