Paid Subscription For Cloud Storage

If you put the camera on your counter or shelf, then yes, expect it to be stolen or moved. These cameras are PERFECT for security if you know how to actually use a security camera. You mount it way HIGH.

Reliable security cameras are mounted up HIGH so they are not easily tampered with and for other reasons which should be apparent.

If you put your ARLO/RING or other security camera that records to the cloud on a countertop or affixed to your wall at doorbell level, be aware that cloud services and your internet service, as well as your network, DO experience outages… and other glitches. My Wyze cameras have (knock on wood) never gone down or been inaccessible. Can’t say the same for other more expensive cameras I’ve tried.

Look, I specifically said I wasn’t looking to start an argument or get anyone’s panties in a bunch. I was expressing my opinion and didn’t attack anyone’s competency in the process. if it works for you, that’s great. I’m happy for you, I really am. It just flat out does not work for me. Thanks for the jab that I don’t know how to set up a security camera by the way. I love that some people think just because another person doesn’t think exactly like them, or agree with everything they say that the other person must be wrong. You have one opinion, I have a different one. Doesn’t mean one is right and the other is wrong.

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After reading this it feels to me like most of this request has turned into someone who clearly wants the world but doesn’t want to pay for it. Maybe this could be resolved by instead adding an external local device that can store the files? I wouldn’t mind buying addon if it meant no more individual sd cards but longer videos / access to them. Almost seems like the RTSP request and a local device to stream to could solve all this.


I don’t understand the pricing issue with adding additional cloud storage options.

It’s not possible to match, say, the pricing of Arlo’s cloud storage?

I’d think cloud storage could be another revenue stream for WyzeCam.

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You may want to consider charging PER MB uploaded.

  • This would be fair for everyone regardless of whether they had less-frequent or more-frequent alert videos,
  • And this treats Wyze right also.
  • Wyze could raise the per-MB rate when expenses merit -and hey we want you to stay in business and thrive :slight_smile:
  • For payment, maybe a pre-pay system where the user pre-pays, say $20, and then when that is “spent” it triggers another $20 prepay from their credid card.

This is about managing customer expectations and Wyze doesn’t win any prizes here. The conditions set so Wyze can continue to tell potential customers there is 14 days of free storage (please read the fine print) include only 12 seconds of video and shutting down notices for 5 minutes with “cool-down”. Then, there is the clunky flow from event notice to playback to live stream camera A to camera B and visa versa. I just had some cat trigger a notice from my front camera and I tried to follow it as it casually walked around my house. I couldn’t follow a cat, casually strolling around my property, because I can’t view multiple cameras on my phone, web page or a pc app. Going from camera to camera is way to many steps, the cat was gone. There was no playback from the side camera, because I’ve had to crank the rectangular detection zone down so much so headlights don’t trigger it all night. Yes, I forgot to manually reset all my settings and zone to “daytime mode”.

Now, if I just buy a paid cloud subscription, I can let all cameras record everything, because there are no plans to let me store it locally, except on the microSD card, which is limited to 32gb and I can’t get the files off of it unless I playback record them or sneaker-net it. It’s like I’m in a maze and every turn is a dead end.

I’m the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator for over 70 homes and I can’t recommend this, except as a novelty. It’s fun to play with as I’ve obviously spent way too much time on.

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Although their cloud storage isnt misleading (since they state up front what is included), it is disappointing since when you read “cloud storage” you expect it to be more than 12 seconds.

I’d like to see event based cloud storage where it will record for as long as motion is seen at a low cost (24 hours for free, one week for $9.99/month, as an example) and then would also like to see a continuous recording option like you mentioned (24 hours for $9.99/month, 7 days for $19.99/month, as an example) with a 50% discount for each additional camera.

Of course, continuous recording via the microSD would be free.


I’d like to see something similar to Arlo. If it’s slightly more expensive it’s understandable and if the free storage must be a shorter time period such as 24 hours that’s fine too.

Free: 7 Days Event Storage (up to 1 GB) Maximum of 5 Cameras

$9.99/month or $99/year: 30 Days Event Storage (up to 10 GB) Maximum of 10 Cameras

$14.99/month or $149/year: 60 Days Event Storage (up to 100 GB) 15 Cameras Maximum

$9.99/month or $99/year (First Camera, 50% off Each Additional Camera): 14 Days Continuous Storage

$19.99/month or $199/year (First Camera, 50% off Each Additional Camera): 30 Days Continuous Storage

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I bought these cameras so I can pay attention to my pets while im gone on vacation and figure out if I need to send someone to care for them. (Their food, water, and waste are automated). That said- now that I have these cameras, I can see the value in a paid plan in the event of a robbery. The camera in my garage doesn’t record long enough to see who walks in since the garage door takes longer than 12 seconds to open.

12 seconds is just enough to catch the beginning or end of a event. Please let me adjust this as it is currently useless at this point.

I have SD card installed…and I don’t want your cloud storage…12 seconds is not long enough and getting clips from your server is a pain in the arse.

Let me connect my Amazon S3 account. Why do you get to keep my clips on your server? I don’t want my clips on your servers. Those are mine.

I appreciate the camera and features, but the limitations are driving me crazy, because they are simple fixes on your end.

Allow me to adjust the event capture time and store clips on SD, plus on my own servers and services.

This phone recording idea is a joke as nobody has time to sit and watch their phone forever and it duplicates clips in various locations.

Thank you for your support.


Just like it says ,i would like control over how many alert notifications can be sent
Mainly because i use this as a motion detector to switch on my lights via ifttt and stringify , the what is it? 5 minutes ?ignore time is just too long
I would like to be able to lower it by half second increments down to 1/2 second minimum

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it would be really cool if you could have the ability to adjust how long the clip will record for when motion is detected. 12seconds is a good start, with 1 minute being about the maximum needed in general. I would just like to have the ability to have say a 30 second or 45 second clip if I wanted one.

i thing that wyze do a mega great job , and those product are amazing. If a paid service with different level will be offer , i’m really glad to pay (cam - like your post). Guys , i send a congrats , your doing well.

I have one of my cams in my garage and every time my garage gets opened the interior light comes on so my cam starts the event recording. But by the time the garage door opens and I’m about to see who is there my 12 seconds are up and it stops recording. I would like to see options for event recording times like 15,30,46,60. I know i can go to playback but when I’m at work and service isn’t that good play back tends to be a hassle. Please consider this…


I rather connect my cameras to my own Amazon S3 account and not have another company between me and my privacy. Just look at what happened with RING and finding out all their employees had access to customer footage. I understand why, but I also understand the implications of storing people’s personal video streams on your servers/your access. Best to let us pick our clouds and allow us to be the ones holding the ball with regards to privacy.


We need this service Wyze. Listen to the customer.

We are willing to pay for it. Continue to offer the same free service.

I’d pay $20/month for longer clips (until motion stops). Easy structure. Charge by the gigabyte if you want.


You can try subscription based tinyCam Cloud with full Wyze Cams support. 24/7 recording, 7 days retention will cost 3.99 USD per camera. No any missed events.
Available as web version or as plugin for tinyCam Monitor Android app.


Definitely this. Why try to be a middle man cloud service when you can focus on creating awesome cameras, and let the consumer worry about cloud or possibly secure local servers

Consumers want it simple… wyzecam is not meant for businesses it is meant for a replacement to a nest cam or ring. People sometimes forget that a local server is feasible for only a small percentage of what makes up the wyze user base. Personally I support your idea but I’m just saying that wyze wants to provide the cloud storage as well because that is just the industry standard.