Override Do-not-Disturb on Android phone

under your notification options have a select box to override the Do-not-disturb function on android phone like other apps have so that your notification come thru but others won’t that might be blocked by it.

On Android 7 (since that’s what I have handy to test) if you go to Settings > Notifications you get a list of all apps and you can set the “Override Do Not Disturb” setting for any app.

Mine is a Google pixel running Android 9 and it doesn’t give me the option. Most apps I have you go into the notification on the app and they have a check box to over ride do not disturb.

Flying blind here since I don’t have any Android 9 devices, but it appears that setting still exists (though it’s buried one level deeper in settings now). Try going to Phone settings > Apps > Wyze > Notifications > Notifications (again) > Advanced > Override Do Not Disturb.


Wow, that is buried deep in the system…I found it…thanks

Glad this got sorted out! I moved this over to Ask the Community. :slight_smile:

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