Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

T-1 hour until Early Access Launch :slight_smile:

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let’s guess the price

39.98 to 59.99

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we need a outdoor camera that can occasionly run on battery. this is the opposite.

i understand to combine the power and battery to make it good for some… but we need another version (w/o battery)

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How can we view the announcement live? I see a 12pm Pacific AMA on YouTube, but I don’t see a live stream of the announcement.

Almost here!!

Launched! Wireless Outdoor Surveillance Home Security Camera | Wyze

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$50 for bundle!! $40 for cam!!


Why I can’t back the bundle? Can’t add it in cart.

Got mine in the cart but I can’t check out yet.

When I click cart it said 500 internal server error

I did hope it can support more than 4 cams though. Wish it could do up to 10.

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Going to pass on this. I had high hopes it would have a solar panel and would be able to view full live motion. But nope.

3 months with 20 alerts a day? Lame.

I finished my order. :partying_face: I had to keep refreshing the page but patience is the key to success! Keep trying guys! :grinning:



you can always add a solar panel, not sure why you would hope it would included one…

view full live motion? maybe I’m misunderstanding your statement, but you can view live video just like the other cams

I thought 3 months was pretty good

Is there such a wireless outdoor security camera out there that meets your requirement?

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Mine too.

They say in the FAQ that it is stated as 4 to make sure it is a good user experience and that it may go up in the future…

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I just got my order in…had been hitting the button since it launched…took a half hour of refreshing from errors…and i ended up using the Amazon Pay option - not sure if that helped, but it finally went through.