Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

any updates on when the EA will be?
this quarter, this first half year or this year?

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Hi. Will the solar panel from Mascarry (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YZ6RPL3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_mj4jEb43PFBVY) work with the V2 camera?

It is my understanding that these cameras require at least 3 amps minimum to run. You would have to delve into how many amperes the system had available to power whatever device or devices you are wanting to power. I would assume, and I do not have a degree in electrical engineering LOL, that you would have to have sufficient power to not only charge the system, but to run the camera as well. That’s assuming of course you did not pre charge the batteries for the system, mounted system outside and then start powering your camera

They run on 5v at 1.0 amp or higher.

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Okay I stand corrected. Given that information, if you have one camera on it, it needs to be charging at at least 2.5 maybe 3 amps to allow it to charge not only the battery, but to run it 24/7.

It should be able to keep it charged, recharge battery daily at double to triple the used amperage right? Basic supply and demand principle.

@jgross I really could not say if that solar panel will work or not. I haven’t experimented with solar panels myself. However, there are other users that have posted their solar panel setups that do work with the Wyze cams. Here is a Solar setup one of the Mavens did using the Cam Pan. If you search the forums using the magnifying glass icon top right, you will find more setups that are being used as well.

Another Solar Setup Here.

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Thank you. Good ideas. Looking forward to reading up on it.

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You’re welcome!

It will probable POWER it but not for long. The V2 runs 24/7, the Blink, likes it’s name is designed to capture blinks and to only run about 5.5 hours of recording on a battery.

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2 amps should run the camera and maintain the batteries.
The 1 amp adapter included with the V2 camera is enough to power 3 daisy chained cameras.

Question: Any recent update from wyze team on outdoor camera? And ETA?

No recent update. Units are being beta tested. My guess is February or March.

But what year? :slight_smile:

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I’ll tell you how confident I am. I just bought two more V2 cameras with cases for outside.
I figure even if the outside cameras are released they are going to be priced beyond what I am willing to pay. Betteries, hubs and whatever else they throw in aren’t what I was waiting for. I just wanted a V2 that could take some cold wet weather.

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Yeah although I was prepared to be more flexible on price, all I was looking for was better image quality in an updated and waterproof version of Version 2.0 that provided top quality CCTV over poe alongside possibly alongside basic wifi for those who needed wireless, for the home, for less than the big name brands (ie. Dahua / Hikvision, not the consumer crap).

I will NOT be buying the Outdoor version. I neither need nor want a camera that makes a cup of tea at the expense of what is important, picture.

If I wanted a Trail Cam, I’d buy a Trail Cam. If I wanted a teas made, I’d buy a Teas Made. If I wanted automation and big brother potentially spying on me, I’d buy one of the connected Assistants, I won’t because I value my privacy and don’t intend to spend my money on a poorer picture in return for a huge feature list of useless features I like most, will probably never use.

The Wyze Outdoor isn’t a home security product. It’s appears to be another “toy” camera that’s a bird watching camera, trail tram, solar station, remote wi-fi hub, Potential Wifi hacking portal for access to your wider network, messaging service, potential portable firelighter for those hotter states that require LiOn batteries for remote fire starting, satellite control centre (ok maybe the last one’s a slight exaggeration), and a whole host of other useless features that detract from it’s real purpose - capturing video. As a pure camera it would have even had some crossover to eg birdwatching in any event.

The Wyze Outdoor, clearly isn’t for me. If I go the Wyze route at all, for a low cost solution that’s a compromise in quality to cost for some otherwise uneconomic to cover areas, it will be v2 and a silicon case from Amazon to avoid all the useless chaff. For $20 I can take the chance of water ingress although reports seem to indicate that v2 is pretty waterproof anyway.

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Love the battery powered thought. It will clearly give all an opportunity to easily mount and use in different applications.

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I’m beginning to like the battery option. I figure it would be nice having one at the edge of my property where there’s no access to power. Perhaps have it facing my car or the sidewalk in front of my house as we’ve had a rash of vehicle break-ins in my neighbourhood. There are many cameras on houses in my neighborhood, but the crooks were not caught as the cameras were too far from the street, or did not have a high resolution.

I’m also satisfied with the V2’s I have outside in housing purchased from Amazon. I’ve done some clean installs of the the v2 through my attic, coming out of the soffits of my house using 16’ cables purchased from Amazon (running from my alarm system outlet up high in a closet) and my garage (using outlets on the ceiling that the garage door openers plug into). For the ones close to power, this is preferred as they don’t need to be taken down for recharging, and can be permanently mounted in hard-to-reach places.

I have been using the Aobelieve Outdoor Wall Mount now for about 6 months thru some of the worst storms and a hurricane in the wet and humid weather of Florida. The cameras are not undercover just protected by this Birdhouse cover and I have not had a single problem with my cam v2.


I have a couple of out of warranty yet fully workable V2 cameras, One I would like to mount on the inside of an outdoor ceiling mount compact fluorescent fixture, rated at 13W. Of course, I’d like to power directly from the bulb receptable, but not sure how to. I see many folks here that know way more about this than I do, so scouting for suggestions. Cool on Wyze in fostering all clever ways to use their products.

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Would love the outdoor camera with rechargeable batteries. I am now using the Pan behind a window and the video quality is better than the Ring doorbell!

I love the Pan so it would be perfect the way it is, just add weather proof and battery operated.

Two way talk would be nice but not necessary.

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