Outdoor rated Wyze bulb

It would be great to have Wyze bulbs which are rated for outdoor use. Both the standard shape (for lights mounted near the door of the house) or spotlight shaped. Smart fixtures and other brand’s outdoor bulbs are too expensive, and smart switches usually require neutral wire (which many people do not have on their current “dumb” switches). Wyze has a great smart bulb already. just need to encase it in material rated for outdoor use.

I know it’s not the same, but if you put a bead of silicone along any of the seams, I imagine it would accomplish practically the same thing. Outdoor fixtures are usually already designed in such a way to keep water away from the bulbs. Honestly, I don’t really pay attention at whether the bulbs I’m using in my outdoor fixtures are rated for outdoor use. The bulbs I’ve got outside now are about 2 years old and they’re doing fine. I live in Florida, so we get plenty of rain. Worst-case scenario, the bulbs are only $8. It seems like it’s worth a roll of the dice.

It also would need to be much brighter.

I’d definitely love a 100-watt-equivalent Wyze bulb. :slight_smile:

I’m in Massachusetts. The outdoor fixture I want to put a smart bulb into is a wall mounted light next to my door. It has an open bottom so the bulb is exposed to the cold. I’m not a fan of the fixture overall but I’m not looking to swap that out right now. The bulb could crack/shatter when its too cold. I want to set a routine for the light so I don’t come home to the dark but don’t have the light on all day either. I have tried the dusk/dawn photo-sensor bases but still end up having the bulb on most of the day unless the sun is directly over the house on a clear day.

Ah okay. I wasn’t thinking about temperature. Although I’m pretty sure the globes are plastic. I don’t know the operating temperatures, but I don’t think the globe would shatter

Any thoughts on adding outdoor flood light version of smart bulbs?

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Would like to see a a15 normal bulb to use outside for porches that are not covered

Smart outdoor flood light bulbs

I saw the wishlist request for additional smart bulbs, they all seemed to be for indoor applications. Would love to be able to install Wyze outdoor floods lights into existing fixtures.

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