BR30 Flood Bulb Outdoors

So the specs for Wyze’s new BR30 ‘flood’ bulb doesn’t explicitly say “indoor/outdoor”, but does cay “can be used in damp locations”. Is under the eaves of the house considered ‘damp’?


950 lumens doesn’t seem like much of an outdoor floodlight. My dumb outdoor LED floodlight bulbs are 1500 lumens and I bought the cheap ones that could stand to be brighter.

The standard Wyze Color Bulb goes to 1100 lumens.

Think these are intended more for “mood” lighting in indoor recessed cans.

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Yeah, the lack of lumens obviously aren’t meant for lighting up the garden. Seems like while you’re designing and producing bulbs for indoor can lights you could go ahead and make an outdoor version… In one photo it looks like they show one in a can light on a porch. I was thinking of using in a couple of lights that are mostly for the deck, though, to soften the lighting - and make it moody, I guess.

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That would probably work. Most of the economy LED smart bulbs out there (including the standard Wyze Color Bulbs) are all sealed plastic shells anyway.

I did find one review online @ TechHive that states “but the manufacturer warns that it should not be directly exposed to the elements” but I can’t find that statement on the Wyze Product Page for the BR30.

It has an impressive Op Temp Range though. So the material must hold up to freezing.


Although it does not specifically say it is outdoor rated, if it is in an area shielded from the elements you should be ok. I have the regular Color Bulbs outside and in sconces on each side of the garage, no issues at all.

Please note, I am not an employee nor an electrician, I am a DIYer and personally would ot have an issue with replacing existing flood lights with these, inside or out.


Thanks! I did see somewhere on the bulb page that it’s good to -4 degrees. I should be well safe from that here in metro Atlanta.


Oh yeah. :fire: Hotlanta :fire: should be fine. It hasn’t been that cold since 1985.

UPDATE: I see that there is already an online feedback review of the bulb on the Wyze Product Page from 2 days ago posted by “Anonymous”. I would be highly suspect since the bulb hit the market on 11\22. Overnight shipping? Probably one of the promo pre-release product review\test websites w\ an axe to grind since they didn’t have the integrity to post their name. Sad.