Color changing flood light bulbs

With the holidays fast approaching could
Wyze see a outdoor PAR38 color changing bulb be practical?
I do and I would buy them.
Thank you


Works for me also. I would love some WIFI Floodlights. they don’t have to multicolor just plain old floodlights to start out.

sign me up!!!

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I scrolled up to vote and didn’t see the boat button. I see “new product support”. I haven’t seen a color flood bulb, and just checked, I can’t find one. A little help finding it please…

I would still prefer the equivalent of a 120-150W Daylight color Par38. And because some outdoor flood light are or could be out of range of your wifi, a way of transmitting your signals via AC line. Didn’t Heathkit do this with their X22 systems? I might be mistaken for the number, it was a while ago. Or was it a white paper I read

Issue is that most of the existing PAR38 smart color bulbs out there don’t have very bright colors yet compared to the dedicated color lights. I don’t think anyone has built a bulb with the right chip and LEDs to properly mix colors at greater power compared to just white. Red in particular is usually terrible (CREE, Sunco, Globe, etc.)