Outdoor Plug usage history should not reset on the first of the month

Right now you cannot go back to the previous month to see usage history. For example, on June 1 all prior usage data is deleted. I am no longer able to see any usage history from May or April, May 31 was just yesterday and that data is gone. There should be a way to retain usage history from multiple months in the past. This could be done either by viewing in the app or at least by downloading the data. Removing all usage data on the first of the month seems strange.

Good call. Don’t delete! I’d love to be able to download data like this. Any of the log data, really.

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At the very least, add a “Yearly” tab to allow for viewing a roll-up total of the previous months.

The current 1st-of-the-month view is just ridiculous.

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I have been using this plug for about 2-3 month and I actually like it!
But the functionality in the app looks very poor. I would like that the developers add some useful features to the app in the future.

  • Display the current energy consumption.
  • Usage history should be saved and not cleaned every first day of the month.
  • Ability to view the history for previous months.

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You should make this a WishList item. then everyone can add to the request and Wyze can see how the community feels.

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Yes, It’s good advice but for some reason I can’t do it.
"You are not permitted to view the requested resource."

I will see if I can help making this a wish item, I flagged it for review.

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Absolutely agree!
I used to have SmartLife cheap smart plug and even it showed me current usage and all data history.
Really surprised why Wyze failed to implement such obvious features. The whole idea is to count how much an exact device used electricity and you guys failed to do that.

Agree too. Any news on this or link to the WishList so we can vote up?

I merged the thread in which you commented to the existing Wishlist item. You may now scroll up to the top and click the blue Vote button.

ok voted.

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Another month, another reset.

What they missed is basic demand (right now usage) view. Any energy used is totalized for the hourly bin and displayed after the hour rolls over into the next. We cannot see what power is being consumed at any instant. Only in the past tense and then accumulated for the hourly bin. Am I missing something?


this is dumb indeed, I’m running a 3D Printing farm and I have these plugged in as a way to track the records, but i can only view the present month but not my past month for my business expense calculations. Useless.

I was hoping to compare this week’s usage with last week’s usage.

Oh wait… it’s the first of the month?

NOPE. Sorry. Data deleted!


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I need a solid history from month to month because I am monitoring my energy usage so that I can pay my fair share where I am living as a roommate with other people.

Erasing the history every month is unacceptable and stupid. Save the graphs for each Wyze Outdoor plug automatically to my local SD storage device. I don’t want to have to remember to do it on the last day of each month!!!

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That’s insane!

Adding another voice to this thread. Planned to use this to track energy bills amongst the different flats in our apartment but really hard to do accurately without a proper usage history. Recorded history data would make this outlet a truly useful tool. Right now it’s just kind of weird.

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