Outdoor plug energy monitoring improvements

The usage reporting is a primary reason I purchased the Outdoor Plug however I’m finding the implementation very lacking.

  1. Needs the ability to scroll back and forth for the measurement periods.
  2. Needs to be able to download/share a usage report or raw data.


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Absolutely a need, For example, today as I type this, it is the 2nd of April. I can’t go back to March. would REALLY be nice!
Downloading the data would be really cool!

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Not sure if the hardware is there but would like to see down to the 2W tracking range the Wemo Insight can do.

I’m finding some somewhat flakey Wifi on these outdoor plugs. Hopefully just something with firmware. 2 out of 3 of mine drop off and require reboots about once a week. No other Wyze gear in same vicinity have this issue.

It seems latest firmware update might have been pulled. I am running

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Just got my plug recently to monitor usage of my pond heater.
I would love to be able to look back on history day by day. Even if the data needs to be saved directly on the phone/app I wouldn’t mind it.

Unless I’m missing something, swiping left and right to navigate previous daily/weekly usage would be nice.

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Can someone tell me if they are having this problem? I use my device to operate my landscaping lights around my home. I have “shortcuts” set up to turn them on/off. The problem I’m having is that they turn back ON after a few hours by them selves after I turn them off at bedtime. I’ve tried setting up “scheduling”, but get same result…they just come on by themselves. Do I have a faulty Outdoor Plug?

We need live usage tracking and triggers based on that usage.


Realtime usage monitoring of Wyze plug outdoor

It would be helpful to have “realtime” usage monitoring of the outdoor plug.

Tuya has this on their app and it tells you exactly how many KWh, Voltage, Wattage in real time. And since their app is not compatible with the Wyze plug I can’t use it.


I second that… I get realtime with my Wemo Insights but also even my flashed ESP8266 boards I used with “Automation Manager for IOT”

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I’m using the Wyze Outdoor Plug. It only shows the kWh over time.
I would like to see the instantaneous watts / amps for each plug ideally, or at least combined, in order to know if the device plugged in to the smartplug has died.
Is there a way watts/amps monitoring could be added to the firmware ?


Please improve energy-monitoring

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If you want this feature, add your :+1:t2: vote to the wishlist thread: Outdoor Plug usage history should not reset on the first of the month - #17 by 3bab53b9eebc1e4de95f

I just got the ourdoor smart plug to monitor the energy usage of a portable spa.
I can see the energy usage in the app, but would like to keep a more detailed record in an excel spreadsheet. I would be great if there was a way to export the data from the app.

Even better would be an API so I could pull the data directly into my own app

Found out that I can do all of this with the API
There is also a nice Python Library for this GitHub - shauntarves/wyze-sdk: A modern Python client for controlling Wyze devices.

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Not a computer programmer - might as well have been written in Greek…

Maybe I should look at writing an app…

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Power logging

  1. Please keep the power use data for more than the current month only. 2 months would be great.

  2. Make the power use log available for downloading as VSV file

  3. Allow a API or other local method to automate data download regularly.


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It’s been requested many times in the past. No improvement so far…