Outdoor Plug No Usage Being Logged

I have an outdoor plug and there is no usage being logged. It says 0 Kwh.

I have updated the firmware to latest. Last month it was working. I know each month it resets. But for the whole week nothing is being recorded.

Welcome to the community lamda.

Looks like one of mine hasn’t recorded usage since 4/2/23, and the other stopped on 4/3/23, even though both have definitely had use every day this week (as of this writing on today the 6th). So it looks like it isn’t an isolated issue. I wonder how many others are experiencing this.

I also wonder what’s going on. Maybe the server isn’t reporting the data for some reason? I’m seeing there is a new app being released to beta just now, so I am going to see if that makes any difference.

I just looked. All four of mine showed between 20 and 50 percent of the usage on the 2nd compared to the 1st, and around 10 percent on the 3rd compared to the 1st. Nothing since then. In my case all four have one, two or three Wyze cameras, and in one case a small air conditioner (only blowing air this time of the year), so my usable is quite low.

I have sent this up to the team to be looked into, I am sorry this is happening.


Hi @lamda @carverofchoice @K6CCC Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please submit a few device log for me? THanks!

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995242 Includes weekly image showing only Sun & Mon stats and the rest blank (backyard plug)

995244 includes monthly image showing only April 1, 2 have stats and the rest blank (TV plug)


Anyone having this issue could you check and see if it is working again?

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Looking better.


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You are welcome, glad to see it is working.

That plug is feeding the air conditioning in my data cabinet (which got turned on for the summer on the 8th). Sure easy to tell when the first hot day was!

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Looks fixed on both of mine too! Thank the team for us Jason. :+1: And Thanks @WyzeDesmond too! We appreciate you and Jason here in the forums looking into and getting stuff fixed even when it’s not Fix-it-Friday :slight_smile: