Outdoor Plug usage history should not reset on the first of the month

Ah! I was just playing around with a Wyze Python SDK that’s available online and the full electricity usage history is available through the SDK. I was able to get my full usage timeline from first plugging in the device. Really neat. Also, suggests the information is not getting deleted, which was reaffirming. But would be great if this information was available through the app.


That’s amazing finding. Yes would be helpful if that data is viewable for normal users through app.

Good info — which SDK?

The one documented here. Let me know if you have any troubles!

Getting Started with Wyze SDK — Wyze SDK 1.10.0 documentation (wyze-sdk.readthedocs.io)

february 2024. I just submitted the same request and then found this post…clearly they haven’t implemented this super basic thing. I wanted to compare the usage with 2 weeks ago (since I changed a pump connected to the outlet) and…obviously there is no hystory because the month reset 5 days ago.
If they really don’t want to keep the history anywhere (like there is no space on a phone for a little bit of data?), provide the last 7 days or the last 30 instead of “week” and “month” which resets in the dumbest way at the beginning of the week/month