Outdoor Plug Usage graphs and Device Info

Finally installed an Outdoor Plug a week ago and have been monitoring it. Two things that are curious and/or annoying.

  1. The Usage graph for the Day is fine. It show about 0.1 kWh of electricity being used each hour. The usage graphs for Week and Month are less ideal because the auto-scaling, or whatever, has the top of the scale at 2 MEGAWh, so it is impossible to gauge daily usage with such a small bar. Is this what everyone else sees? I don’t see a way of fixing the scale. Software fix needed?

  2. Less important, but still curious, is that the Activated Since date is Dec. 31, 1969. Would be nice if that was accurate, too.

Couldn’t show images for both because I’m a “new” user, so here’s the usage graph.

Weird, here’s what I see when viewing the month usage. I get the same scale when viewing week as well.Screenshot_20210216-151718~2

Let me guess StuartG - you’re on an iPhone?

I checked this on my Android and it was fine, but I am also seeing really bad scaling on my @#$%^& iPhone. Compare:

OK, yes, I have an update to do on the iPhone - in progress as I type this. After it’s completed with the update in an hour or two, I will verify if this issue still exists.

One more question. Has anyone found a way to see a previous day, or previous week, or a previous month?

Yup. iPhone and iPad. Both up to date.

Oh, here’s the Activated Since screen per my second item.

same have , iphone and ipad scaling is off X1000…

Fingers crossed. I did contact support about it last week. No change to Activation Date.

did not fix it … I think its ant app not firmware

I haven’t had the issue since the new firmware. Also, tech support suggested resetting the plug to fix the Activated Since date. I deleted the device and re-added it, and now the date is 2021 instead of 1969.