Outdoor Plug not showing usage on graphs

My new (2-day old) Outdoor Plug is not showing bars on the graph for Daily, Week, or Month. The Total number seems to be about correct. Perhaps the graph scaling isn’t working since it appears there are tiny, tiny, tiny “bars” where they should be but they are no more than a pixel high. Latest iOS on an iPhone X.

There have been discussions about iOS scaling the bar charts incorrectly so that the bar is not even a blip at the bottom. As I just checked on my @#$%^ iPhone 8, the Day scale is reasonable, but the Week and Month are showing 6952.0 KWh, so the 31.8 KWh is about one pixel high. See if that is what you are seeing.

If you do finally get graphs, I’m curious if they will be like the Android ones. Ours are wrong by a factor of two. That is, they show TWICE the actual usage. It has been reported, but Wyze hasn’t acknowledged it yet.