Outdoor plug remote switch

I would love to operate my outdoor plug other than using my phone and app. Like a remote switch. Any ideas?

I don’t have a link yet, but there are individuals who did 3D Printing to take a contact sensor and make it function like a switch or button. You could put that anywhere and then set a rule that says when contact Sensor is close, turn the outdoor plug on. Then when contact sensor is open you can turn the plug off.

The nice thing about this is that you can put it anywhere, and even carry it with you.

I personally, purchased the FLIC Hub setup with push buttons. I have those setup through Alexa. Then I get single press, Double Press, and Press and Hold options

Thank you. Will
Look into the flic hub setup. Can i ask what/ where you bought?

It is not cheap, but does what I need it to:

Flic 2 Smart button - Trigger Alexa & Apple HomeKit - Starter kit 3 x Flic 2 buttons + 1 x Flic Hub LR - Smart Home Control - Works with Hue, LIFX, IFTTT, IKEA Trådri, Sonos, Spotify and much more… - Amazon.com


If you have HMS and some V2 Contact Sensors, this would work as well:

Switch Bracket for Wyze Sense V2 Contact Sensor beta - Etsy

Thank you very much. I was looking at this one actually. But one question, if I just go through Alexa do I need the Flic Hub? Can I just buy the buttons and use Alexa?
Thanks again for your help, greatly appreciated!

You need the hub, unfortunately. But you get 3 buttons so I use them around the house.

Ok, thanks.