Outdoor Light Fixture Camera (Spotlight / Floodlight)

I’m reading through this thread again, and it appears to me that there are multiple needs thrown into this thread.

I would purchase Kuna/Toucan style porch-light if available by Wyze, depending on what it looked like. It would need to be discreet, and look more porch light and less Wyze Camera

The 2nd item that brought me to this thread, was the title of this thread. I currently have two Amcrest ASH26-W


Nice camera, was a direct replacement for two existing motion sensing spotlights (w/o cameras) in place on the house I recently bought.

I’m not happy with Amcrest in general when it comes to their software. But this camera is ONVIF/RTSP compatible (works with 3rd party NVRs, such as Blue Iris)

Recently, I went to add this to my new Amazon Echo Show for viewing live video… and discovered Amcrest wants me to pay a subscription fee for cloud services in order to do so… Major Fail… and thus looking for a replacement option.

So, I see this is in a “Roadmap testing” stage.

I haven’t read through the whole thread, so my question is what type of product is being tested? Floodlight camera, like my Amcrest floodlight? Or a Kuna/Toucan style porch-light ?

Perhaps I’ll find out as I continue reading the reset of the messages…


I recently just bought the Wasserstein solution with the floodlight. It seems that they have fixed the issues that other people brought forward before because its working perfectly fine for me now. The motion sensors are very accurate and it mounts very well too. Attaching the link incase anyone else wants to buy.

Buy the Wasserstein Floodlight for Wyze Cam V3: https://bit.ly/3y5qHYp
Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08Y1737KJ

We shouldn’t have to buy the Wassertain floodlight. Still don’t understand why Wyze just doesn’t put out one of their own. You know there’s a market for it!


The status of this roadmap item is “Testing”.

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It is odd that with the increasing array of seemingly unrelated products coming from Wyze that this one, which is natural fit, was not one of the first products to be released by them after the Wyze Cam? Perhaps Wyze signed a non compete with Wassertain in order to get this third party to invest in developing this product for the Wyze Cam before Wyze was able to get the investment necessary to develop all the products that we are seeing today? Either way, lets hope they address this sooner than later and give us an outdoor floodlight security cam solution.

Like I suggested ?

Now theres:


The Wasserstein floodlights without remote work great. The model with the remote has issues with the light coming on no matter the time of day or night, motion or not. This is also with their floodlight for the Blink/Nest/Arlo. Checking the Amazon reviews for those floodlights elicits the same response. Not just us Wyze folks have this problem because the issue is with the light not the camera.

After at least 20 emails with support Wasserstein exchanged them for the non-remote model.

Still waiting for them to acknowledge they owe me a refund because the remote floodlight is more expensive than the non-remote model. Not holding my breath.

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Anyone have an idea of how long Wyze takes from “roadmap/testing” to product shipping? I have been waiting for a floodlight from Wyse patiently because I am hoping for AI integration with zone settings instead of just motion detection, and because I would like to have only one app. and not have the light come on except for person detection.

You can use any smart light because an Alexa routine can use Wyze person detection.

Thanks, I will look into that. I am not an Amazon fan but I do need an accurate floodlight. Maybe this will work for me until Matter finally gets going.

Okay. Keep in mind the lag as Wyze receives, analyzes, and reports the person detection to the Amazon skill. It’s never going to be as fast as a motion detector (particularly since Wyze has no local person detection anymore). Good luck.

Oh my GOD Wyze… PLEASE integrate with google assistant rotuines ffs PLS

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I am also waiting for floodlight/camera integration to replace my wired floods. I currently have regular floodlights on a smart switch, but would work soooo much better with motion detection/recording/lighting integrated into one system…that works with Google and Alexa for controls and routines.

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Love my Wyze cams, hope to see flood light with cam combo soon:)

My old floodlight gave out so I couldn’t wait any longer for the Wyze solution. I found this floodlight that works with the Wyze cam v3. Seems like a a reasonable alternative, although admittedly imperfect. Install will happen next week, but have done an indoor install prep and everything seems to work.

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Was just in Costco (my second home) and they have a full floodlight with 1080p camera and 128 GB SD storage for $79. I didn’t buy one. No person detection or cloud storage options as far as I could tell. It was supposedly $50 off but the price still seems a little high too.


See this thread about my experience with Wasserstein floodlights (I have two)

Their remote controlled model had issues. Their floodlights work with Arlo, Nest, and others just by having a different mount. The reviews for this model were mostly negative because the motion sensor would turn on the floodlight on a sunny day with no motion no matter what the remote was set to. At night, it was unpredictable. Finally Wasserstein agreed to exchange them with their non-remote model which has worked great.

Hopefully your app controlled floodlight has had more testing than their remote controlled model.

Just in case, keep the box. . “Veronica” in support has been very helpful.

My wife got me a membership at CostCo for my birthday right after they opened.

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It’s one of my closest relationships and the beneficiary of the vast majority of my income.

I was thinking of getting the new socket gadget and using it on a flood light with an outdoor camera, but it occurred to me that, in order to power the camera, I would have to leave the light on all the time…