Outdoor LED Light Strips

Would like to see an outdoor version of the led light strips to install underneath deck railings. Water resistant erc

Wyze should make the LED color strips and color bulbs available for outdoor use. Think of all the cool applications - on your home, deck, pool, etc. Then be able to change your color theme with the press of a button in the app. Would be so cool!!


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Yes, please!

Love the Idea of outdoor LED lights for Holidays and maybe allow Themes and serialized Strings of them to be incorporated.


Sign me up for preorder!


Would love to see a light strip that can be used outdoors.
I really want to use a wyze light strip outside my house and program it red and green for Christmas lighting!

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Would love to see the led light strips be for outdoor use and water resistant as well!


yes please!


Outdoor led strip for gazebos, patios and all ypur outdoor needs. Be nice to have integrated power outlet like the outdoor one to run multiple lights or accessories.

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Wyze outdoor lighting

Would love to see some outdoor waterproof lighting. Maybe some LED light strips that can be attached around the outside of home. Even would like to see accent lighting like spot lights or flush ground lights for driveways or sidewalks.

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Hello, are there any rumblings of an outdoor light strip pro? Or any outdoor lighting? I want to start installing outdoor lighting but I wanted to see if Wyze is working on this type of product before I buy another brand. Thanks.

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Yes!! :slight_smile: