Outdoor Cameras

I am eventually going to be buying a house and I’ll be having horses on my property. I am a bit paranoid that something will happen to them when I’m not home and would like to be able to watch them from time to time when I am away. Would the outdoor camera work for this purpose? How close does it need to be to wi-fi? I just want to check into this before buying anything to make sure it is going to help me with what I would like to do. Thank you for the help.

Welcome to the Wyze community @jbabs991!
I’d suggest keeping the camera within 50 feet of your router. If you’re using the outdoor battery power cameras, then about 40 to 50 from the base station. The signal can be dampened by metal, brick, concrete, or other materials so keep that in mind.

A few questions to help me suggest the best camera for your situation:
Will the camera location(s) have constant power?
Do you need continuous recording or full-length motion recordings?

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