Camera 100 yards from house

I did a search for my question but I could not find anything similar.
I want to set up a temporary camera approximately 100 yd from my house, It’s just for one day, so I was going to use an extension cord. I’m on 3 acres and I just want a monitor something from an outbuilding that has no power.
So my question is, what is the best practice to get Wi-Fi that far from the house? Just run an ethernet cord straight to the camera?

Unless you have a camera with an ethernet “cord” connector built in (is that an Alpha or Beta I have not read about?) you will have to get a wireless signal to it.
I’ve used a pair of “home powerline ethernet extenders” that worked well on a 50’ extension cord. Although it says not to.
So maybe a 100’ extension cord or two would work.
Let us know how it works out.

Thanks! But where does it say not to and why?

Just for one day? 100 yards?

Might be cheaper to hire someone and provide him with unlimited coffee :grin:

I’m no expert, but something like the Nano station M from Ubiquiti is designed to beam wifi signals. But you would still need to power the camera. I guess you could use some sort of battery (UPS) power supply.

In the instructions for the powerline adapter. Why? ???
And as mentioned you’ll need a power source for the cam. I’d use a 10AH power bank, often ~ $15 to $20.

IF you have a phone you can set up as a hotspot all you would need is a battery or two.

That’s actually a fair point :thinking:

Good stuff, thanks.