Outdoor Camera SD card

As far as I can see the SD card in the hub is worthless. I wanted to be able to playback motion as can be done with other Wyze cameras. I was told this was not possible and I could set a time to record and then playback on my computer. Am I mistaken?


Here is lots of info
and here https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/categories/360002327611-Wyze-Cam-Outdoor

Short and real answer is NO, sorry for last response that does not help much.

yes there is a way to view playback on your PC =) if anyone wants to know how you can email me at [Mod Edit] im usually never on this paltform but yes!! there is a way to get the wyze app on your computer desktop. Email me for more info

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Your post on getting the wyze app on the computer is about 5 months old but I am hoping you still see my post and share with how this is done. Thanks,