Outdoor Camera not recording?

So here’s an update. I put one back on the charger and charged to 100%. When I tried turning back on, it worked! I’m going to try charging the other tonight and see what happens. I’ve deleted it completely and have been trying to set up again. So we’ll see how this works or how they keep working.

Oh that’s interesting. Did you power it off to charge or leave it on?

Interesting theory. Since the outdoor cam can’t record while your watching, there is now way to speculate where the issue may be within the lifecycle. Over simplified, it could be the inability to identify motion, to send the event to record when motion is identified, the record function, or somewhere beyond that when it’s attempting to push to the cloud. For that matter, it could just be the app not being able to associate the event in the cloud. The damn camera may actually be working just fine. I can live with a software issue, that can be patched.

I left it on. But the other one that I plugged in yesterday has been plugged in for almost 20 hours and still says its not fully charged.

After reading your observation I plugged mine in as well though I did choose to turn mine off to do so. I’ll post back After I power it up.

I tried everything, the wyze outdoor camera does not record!!! it only recorded once when I have the app on, then walked across the camera. I think Wyze rushed this product too soon. Also does not recognize SD cards!!!

for those who has detection issues with WCO, sorry to hear that. we have a detailed post about the troubleshooting step, hope it can help. You can also comment on that thread, and I’ll be there to help with troubleshooting as well.

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I have had mine installed for about three weeks the only time it will record if you move the camera around . It does not pickup motion or sound. I am very disappointed in the product. I have tried everything.

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Somewhere on the forum, I read the wco does not record to sd card…huh? For me, the cam detects fine, notifies my phone fine. With all settings checked, a 32g sd card in the cam and the base, that are recognized i never get recordings on the cards. I under stand the cam card is for “away” recording, so why waste a card in the base? I’ve asked support a cupla times but get nothing from them. Also, battery life is good and its handy to move around.


I have put my wco and it is not recording not sending any notifications nothing in events. I have sd cards in cams and base station???Someone please help I am so glad I only bought two of these VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED.

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I have 1 WCO, battery life is fairly good, this afternoon I set it up for recording motion and that showed up in events… No Notifications though

did you enable the little bell on the home page ?

have you check this troubleshoting guide ? hope it can help

Actually I did but I will check it more thoroughly tomorrow.

NO EVENT RECORDING -BATTERY GOING TOO FAST ! I have had my Wyze Outdoor Cam outside now for exactly 1 hour and it has gone from 100% to 95% . Not long after setting it outside, a strange man pulled in my driveway and got out. I was going to get my chance to test my Event Recording - MOTON enabled. I had my phone in my hand looking at the cam, so I was able to see what he looked like before opening the door. Nothing recorded. We talked 5 minutes and there was plenty of motion. Now, it’s been more than 20 mins. and no events coming in. Very disappointed.

Ditto to your entire comment. I’m very frustrated.

My Outdoor cam is not recording events either. I tried resetting the router, camera, logging out, changing the settings and nothing is working. I had an issue with my previous outdoor cam - battery fried first time I charged it. Now this. I noticed battery life not 6 months more like 3 months. Battery drains about a number a day

I’ve had woc for quite awhile that’s never recorded anything. Spent way too much time working on it. Several messages to wyze got a canned answer that didn’t help at all. I was gonna pitch it but the wife wouldn’t let me. Guess it’s not a priority for wyze as I would think they’re making big bucks anyway.

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Dido, same, what a useless paperweight. I will not be recommending these at all. Dido your comment on V2 and Pans too. Great, V3 a bit iffy too but not useless in any sense but this Outdoor Camera is a waste of money without the software being completely reworked.

Please, don’t think for me. I can decide how fast I want the battery to drain. Because of that one issue, the functionality has been gutted.


After 3 years, same problem still exists. This product failed badly, please take this product down, Wyze is wasting people’s money