Outdoor Camera multi bundle purchase

If I purchase the home monitoring system, 2 outdoor cam starter bundles, 6 additional outdoor cams and 4 motion sensors…will i be able to see all 8 cameras on the app? Will the all connect to the system?

The answer is a qualified yes. In the app, you can add many cameras. WHM only supports 5 cameras. So you would be able to see the cameras in the app, they would work to record and perform all other functions but the list of cameras for home monitoring is only 5.

Thank you for the quick reply. So I need 8 outdoor cameras what should i order to make this all work?

The V3 is an outdoor camera, and is superior to the Outdoor Camera IF you can run power to it.

I can’t really say. I was responding to your question. You would have to provide much more information about what you are trying to accomplish.

I would like to purchase home monitoring system and then add to it 8 wireless outdoor cams and 4 motion detectors.

The home monitoring system per se supports only 5 cameras. The hub can support up to 100 sensors. I don’t know of any limit to the number of cameras supported by the Wyze app. Home Monitoring is a subset of the Wyze app. With the Wyze app you would see all the cameras but only 5 would be associated with Home Monitoring.

If you haven’t already done so, you should familiarize yourself with the Home Monitoring system and the capabilities it has. You should also be aware that the motion sensors are not designed for use outdoors.

Thank you the info you provided was very helpful…i’ll do more research on the WHMS. Thank you again