Outdoor Camera events not posting to event window

Ok, new problem which appears to be an interface problem. If someone knows a fix, let me know.

I have three outdoor cameras. They are sending notifications to my phone but when I open the events page, there are no events for the cameras. The only events on the events page are those for the Pan Cam that I have.

I opened the camera listing page off the events pages and re-toggled the cameras. The outdoor camera events don’t show up.

I closed the app completely and reopened. The outdoor camera events don’t show up.

I rebooted the phone. The outdoor camera events don’t show up.

I turned each individual camera off and back on. I stood in front of them to trigger an event.The outdoor camera events don’t show up.

Since there was a recent update, I suspect a bug. Is there anything else I should try?

I am the last release of the app. I am on 14.3 of IOS.

Top right of events page, are you sure you have all of your cams selected??

Positive. As I mentioned, I even opened that window–unselected everything and then reselected it.

I am attaching two new snapshots. (Person) was selected in the first snapshot, I want to clarify that motion detection events from the other cameras are not being recorded to the window.

Me again. I continue to fiddle with this problem.

If I “Show results” only for the cameras that do not have CAM PLUS, I can see the events.

As soon as I add one of the CAM PLUS cameras to the list of shown results, all of the other camera events vanish.

That’s something I’ve definitely never seen. Hopefully someone will have some idea of what’s going on.

Did you ever figure this out? And did you submit a log?

No, and today the problem is gone. I can’t explain it.
I need to find if there is some way of closing this thread out because I can’t reproduce the problem now. I did send them a log but “shrug”. I know what post-implementation days are like. It appears they are being slammed by calls.

I’ve had a couple problems where it sorts itself out in a day. Very weird for sure. Last one was I could not add cam plus to any of my V3 cams. Well the 14 day free trial had ended that day so guess it just took a bit to sort itself out.

Logs are usually looked at by the Wyze team. No follow up with support is needed.

I had the same problem of not being able to see recent events on my Samsung phone but was able to see them on my Ipad, I finally uninstalled the Wyse app from the phone and reinstalled , took care of that problem

Funny, my outdoor cam would not record anything and this has been a consistent problem, the new replacement outdoor cam set up yesterday and is doing the exact same thing. But this afternoon, the camera alerted me to two motion detections, I watched them, went to the events page, and there’s nothing there at all.
I cannot access them anywhere. I have an SD card and Cam Plus.

Go back to your events page and tap todays date one or twice, Friday 26 twice it might show up. I get new videos all the time all day and I either go back one day then to the current day or tap the current day twice to see the latest video. I am using the iPhone/iPad app. The outdoor cam records the event videos to the SD in the base not the camera but you need to remove the card to view. Since you have Cam Plus the videos must be there in the events, check again.