Outdoor Camera Battery Issue

I have four outdoor cameras since August 2020 (out of warranty) . I charged all four cameras at the same time two days and put them back up. One of the camera battery drained overnight (eight hours down to 1%). The other three still at 100%. Only had three events during those eight hours. I recharged it again. and same results from last night. The other three now at 99%.
Typically after a full charge, will last me 90 days or so.

Any ideas? Battery no longer holding charge? Trash?

Base Frimware
Camera firmware

Welcome to the forums! How much motion or events does it see? How is the base signal at the camera? Can you explain more about the use of the camera? If you move it closer to the base, does it keep it’s charge?

Edit/. Looks like your base and camera has a version of firmware that was put on hold right after it’s roll out. Here is more recent info about battery drain.

Have you compared the settings between the ones which are at 100% and the one that drains? If they are different, try to match the others. I would also fully charge it and leave it inside and see if it drains in the 8 hours as it does outside. It could be the location it is at.

Settings are all the same on all 4 cams.

Have you tried running it inside to eliminate interference, as a test.

Also, are all cameras running from the same base station? Battery drain could be caused by the communication between the base station and camera if the signal is weak.

Hello, I have the exact same problem. My outdoor camera is brand new. I charged it yesterday and it worked for about 24 hours. Then I got a notification that the camera needed to be charged again. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Welcome to the forums! Can you explain your use case of the camera, how many events It makes, how often you live view, firmware version numbers, app version numbers, etc. When asking for assistance with an issue, do your best to provide as much info as possible to let those prospective helpers know as much about the use and setup surrounding the problem as possible. Otherwise it’d be a shot in the dark and the help wouldn’t be very focused. Thanks!

same inside, in a room with zero motion. no events recorded, drained battery in 7 hours

How close was it to the base during this test? The test was to see how it behaves now when it has a good connection to the base. When you left it inside, what was the status light doing? Was it on steady? Or flashing? Or?

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they are sending me a replacement camera