Outdoor Cam with Cam Plus

Hello @daaku026 and welcome to the community.

This is something WYZE is currently working on, hopefully we will hear more news soon


Hi Jason.

I was told this is not being worked on yet by the support member I talked to in the Help chat. He said it was something they would have to look into and I should post here so other people could vote it up if they wanted it.

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If the WCO only records 12 seconds to the cloud with motion or sense, then what is the advantage of Cam Plus? You can’t save video (other than the 12 seconds which could be saved on the SD) when no other video is recorded.

With the PIR on the WCO, then other than people being detected should no longer be much of an issue.

Again: where does the Cam Plus help?

Tell me what I’m missing!

CAM Plus would save clips longer than 12 seconds.


I have double checked with an employee of WYZE (@WyzeGwendolyn) and they have verified it is being worked on but there is not currently an ETA.

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Coming soon! :+1:


It says I have cam plus but only allows 12 second videos still. Am I missing something?

Have you applied the licenses to the cams under Account – Services – CamPlus in the app?

When will we be able to use Cam Plus for the new outdoor cam?

Welcome! It’s coming soon according to the WyzeLi post linked above by @StopICU33.

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I’m not very happy right now. I just got my Wyze Cam Outdoor set up and I receive an email that Cam Plus is available and on sale until tomorrow. Great! I can use that with my new camera. The email does NOT list the supported cameras. It says, “With Cam Plus enabled on your Wyze Cam you can”. No models mentioned. The website promotional page says, “With Cam Plus enabled on your Wyze Cam you can…”. No models listed. Only AFTER I ordered Cam Plus did I find out, while trying to apply the license in the app, that it won’t work on my Outdoor camera. Uugh. Please confirm that support is not coming soon and I will cancel, with much disappointment. And please, Wyze, update your emails and online promotional pages to display the supported camera models.

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Our apologies, @ddavister. The compatibility for Wyze Cam Outdoor and Cam Plus is being worked on and is a high priority.


Can you guys please fix the issue with purchasing cam plus service. Seems like many are having the same issue.

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I’m with you. Nowhere did the promotional emails say that Outdoor cam was not compatible. I signed up all ready to set it up for my new outdoor cam. Deception.

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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. I am happy to have purchased the new Outdoor Cam but I need to be able to record, using Cam Plus, longer than 12 seconds. Please expedite the addition of this. I am happy to be a beta to help with the implementation of this. Thank You…

I contacted support days ago about this same issue and haven’t had any response.
The subscription to Cam Plus shouldnt start until you get it working. I only need it on wyze can outdoor.
Like others so far I’m very disappointed with everything.

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I agree. I got cam plus for my outdoor cams and could not find how to use my subscriptions to access the cameras. Now I find out it does not work with outdoor cams. Service should not start until they get it fixed and advise customers how to activate!

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Exactly!! The only reason I bought Cam Plus was for my new Outdoor Wyze Cam. I thought the special offer was because I had preordered the Outdoor Cam. The offer came in at about the same time I received the shipment notice for the Outdoor Cam. I never understood that it would not work for the Outdoor Cam.
I request that my subscription not start until it works with the Outdoor Cam.
Thank you.

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Your subscription starts the day you sign up.
Just cancel your subscription.

Doesn’t help when you paid for a year in advance.