Cam Plus with Wyze Cam v1

Hi all - Currently looking to add some Outdoor cams and Cam Plus subscription to extend recording from the usual 12 second limit. For my several existing v1 cams will this also allow full video cloud capture beyond the 12 seconds? The comparability is unclear for this as a basic feature, of course noting the other features being Alexa integration and person detection require v2 cams. Thanks, Rob

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@rdk Welcome to the Wyze community! Cam Plus currently does not work on the new outdoors cams, but it is something Wyze is currently working on and will be available in the near future. The Cam Plus feature is currently in testing for the outdoor cam. :slightly_smiling_face:

As far as the v1 cams, they will not work with Cam Plus. However, It does work on Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan.


Any update on whether Wyze Cam v1 will work with Cam Plus?

An update: CamPlus works on Wyze Cam Outdoor now but no it does not work on V1, only V2 and V3 according to

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