Do all cameras work with cam plus?

Hi, I am thinking of taking advantage of the $7.99 offer for unlimited cam plus. But I want to make sure they work with all the cameras. Most of my cameras are generation one like the pan cam and the outdoor cam. I just want to make sure they all are cam plus capable, And after searching for 20 minutes on the web site, I could not find that info. I thought I would call, but I don’t have three days to wait on hold. Thanks for any help.

The Version One WYZE Cam Outdoor will work with Cam Plus for sure, I had it on mine for about 6 months. If you use cam plus there will be no more backup to the base SD card if you have been using that feature,
List of cams that can use Cam Plus.

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Thanks for the link, that is exactly what I was looking for. I know it works on the outdoor cams, but I was not sure bout the pan cams as I have the first version of them.

I get a kick out of this company, they say


Then you go down to the bottom and it says:

*Limit of 99 cameras on unlimited plan
*Cloud storage is limited to rolling 14-days

Some one should get them a dictionary.

Yeah, the word “unlimited” is meaningless in the United States (i.e. “Unlimited” cell phone plans… LOL).

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I haven’t found a cam yet that doesn’t work with Cam Plus. I have the Annual Unlimited with VDBv1, Panv1, V3, PanV3, V3Pro, OG S, and OG T cams.

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