Outdoor CAM PIR sensor

I was able to locate a spot to mount the Outdoor camera that seems to be working much better. There may be hope for my scenario yet. Unfortunately the location is at about shoulder level. Now I fear someone walking up and stealing it.

I’ll have to see how it goes, but so far I haven’t had a single notification and Old Glory is in frame waving back and forth proudly

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Have you tried playing around with the “Sensitivity” or “Distance” in the settings?

Yes I have been playing with these settings throughout the day. Thanks for checking though. :slight_smile:

Seeing as how the car has been tagged as suspect, try parking it out of the cameras view and see if the situation goes away… Then you will know

He tried that.

Found a post about someone making a filter for the motion sensor out of the plastic from a milk jug? I hope this will be of assistance.

Which camera is he using? I assume WCO

The title of the thread is: Outdoor CAM PIR sensor

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Hmm, that sounds a bit ghetto. I’m still tinkering with things, but I’m past the flag constantly sending notifications. It’s going to come down to finding the correct mounting location and ensuring the flag is not in the detection zone.

I need to go buy new screws to try another spot tomorrow. As mentioned in my last post the current location is far to easy for someone to just walk up and steal it.

I chewed up 15% of my battery today, so I brought the camera inside and put it on the charger.

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Sounds like you have a plan, glad to hear. I hope you find a spot that works for you.

I used the mask over the motion sensor, no a camera. My thought was to place milk-jug-plastic over the PIR portion of the outdoor camera and see if it filters out unwanted infrared triggers.
Victor Maletic.

Keep us posted… Please

A further reading of the link in my recent post describes that it worked very well. It is working well to this day. I do not have a WCO.

This theory from another thead could explain why the flag is causing do many events.


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Tupid fone.

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You guys must have an inside joke of some sort? In any case, I’m pleased to report that I found a decent place to mount my outdoor cam. I’m going to attach a video. Even though you see the flag whipping, it doesn’t trigger a notification. I have both detection distance and image sensitivity set to 100%.

The thing that amazes me is if I walk out my front door (located on the small step on the other side of my truck), it also doesn’t trigger a notification. We’re about to get some major T-storms with crazy winds so I brought my flag inside. Even with that being the case, when I walk out my front door, no notifications. I have to walk in front of my truck and practically directly in front of the camera before it will capture motion and send a notification.

Different problem that’s likely discussed in a different thread?

It appears that before you reach the front of your Ford P/U you are walking nearly straight at the camera which will not trigger the PIR as I understand it.

To be honest, I really don’t care much if it doesn’t catch people coming out of the house. I have indoor cams that will capture that motion anyway. I’ve done a bit more testing and it is working okay.

I was reading one of the other threads and it looks like there is some beta firmware available to try. Maybe I’ll give that a shot, but right now I’m thinking I’ll just wait for WYZE to come out with a fully tested and approved version.

I’m guessing we’ll see something released by the end of the month if not earlier.