Outdoor Cam Mounting

Just received my outdoor cam. I love it, however I was looking at the mounting holes on the camera and noticed that the mounting holes are not configured correctly. You can only use one of the mount holes to attach the camera. The mounting holes not aligned in the same dirrection.

@josulozano Welcome to the Wyze community! The base is actually designed to only use one screw to mount it. See mounting guide video in the link below.

However, you can use both screws if you insert them in the opposite side ( this way is less convenient) but it works.

Thank you. I should have looked for the mounting video first.

Again thanks.

Joe Lozano

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After wasting a few days determining where to mount the Outdoor cam, I used a black magic marker to “paint” it, attached a cheap tripod with flexible foam legs, and jammed it into the top of a No Parking sign in front of my condominium building, Hat and all.


The motion detection settings are maxed out, set all the way up, But it doesn’t capture an event when someone exits the 2nd, or more distant, door. Fail. Disappointed. Pretty worthless as compared with a V2.


I bought these for mounting my Blink XT2 cams on my siding without drilling holes and after trying to decide how to mount my new WCO, I decided to try one of those and sure enough, it works great for the WCO too! So I have it mounted to my vinyl siding with no screws and no base attached to the camera, using the threaded hole in the bottom.


Thanks for sharing this bit of info. I was wondering if the blink mounts would be of any use with the WCO.

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You’re welcome. I was pleased to see it worked because I don’t have a good surface to mount the WCO base with the screws, aside from drilling it into the siding. I found, removing the black round Blink adapter, leaves a threaded post which screws right into the bottom of the Wyze Cam.

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Just what I’ve been looking for… ordered a pair in white. Many thanks! thumbsup2

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Good price on those tripods! :+1:

Thanks for the report! Had been wondering about the sensing range on the WCO and was hoping for good reports on its reported combination of PIR and pixel based sensing.

My similar experience is that the pixel based Wyze V2s seem detect much further away than the PIR Blink XT2 cams. With many more false positives, of course.

Good info! :+1: Those are more versatile than I thought!


The articulating arm type mounts are a godsend when you abandon hope for a 90 degree rotation setting in the Wyze app. :grinning:

Any pics of yours mounted?


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Here’s one. I mounted it up near my second level window so that it’s high enough nobody can reach it, but I can easily reach it out the window when I need to charge the batteries.


That looks good, i had some 3D mounts made but they seem to thick to go under the siding. This may be an option.

Thank you

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Awesome… thanks for the photo! thumbsup2

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just ordered. i wonder if these will also work to go under a soffit

Mounting to the top of a signpost didn’t work out as a result of too much wind, too many leaf shadows, too much of the wrong kind of motion detection and not enough of the right kind of motion detection,

Dollar store spring clips work well for temporary installation or they might be good to have along on the road for Travel Mode adventures. There’s an owl in my neighborhood which occasionally lands in a tree out back, so I’ll experiment and test the night vision from different vantage points and try to capture the owl.

I am looking for something that I can mount a wyze outdoor cam to that will allow me to easily move it from place to place. The standard base plate being screwed in won’t work. I see plastic plates on Amazon that you can slide the base into (easy to slide in/out), but no idea if they will work for the outdoor version of the cam – if it is the correct size or not. Anyone have experience with something like this?


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