Outdoor Cam in WiFi networks?

I have installed my outdoor cam and all seems good. I can see the Cam in my WiFi network settings? Is that normal ? The camera is not in travel mode. The cam does have a lock on it. I did figure out that it is the Base station showing up. I really would not like any of my devices showing up in WiFi networks.

Welcome to the Wyze community!
Mine was showing the camera network too. Don’t change any settings for the camera ore base station network.

Hi and thanks for the welcome. I was just hoping there was a way to not have it in networks? That is what mine looks like also (iOS).

From what I understand, with the base connected to the router, it is by default on the network. My Fire Stick is connected the same way so shows on my network.

My fire sticks show up when they are not connected. Once they are connected I cannot see them? I only see other WiFi networks and the Wyze Base.

I will double check. You have the Ethernet converter with the Fire Stick directly to your router, bypassing wifi?

No both of my Firesticks and my Chromcast are WiFi connected. If I reboot my router they show up with lock in WiFi networks but once they connect to network they are not able to be seen.

Yes, I do not see my Fire Stick. I am seeing my Fire TV though as that is wifi connected.

I do see the WCO Base but not the camera. I see the V2, my Ring, my Echo devices.

Strange I do not see my ring doorbell or any cameras. I just see my Wyze base. Connected to WiFi or Lte I still see it. I know it is locked just would rather everyone not see devices connected to my network?

I went into my Fios App and checked under Manage All Devices. I had to decipher the MAC codes and label everything correctly. I show one Amazon device that I can not map out yet. This is looking under Network.